Interview with Tim Ternes

Tim Ternes, MA is Director of Programming at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library (HMML), as well as Director of its Saint John’s Bible project. At the beginning of 2018, HMML started partnering with MCBA on a series of lectures and accompanying exhibition exploring the history of the book. Ahead of his May 24 lecture, “The Manuscript Meets the Modern Scriptorium,” we sat down with Tim to learn more about HMML’s valuable work and why it made sense to partner with MCBA.
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Interview with CB Sherlock

CB Sherlock is a book artist, teacher, and long-time member of MCBA’s Artist Cooperative. Her work plays with book structure, often incorporating three-dimensional shapes and interactive elements. We spoke with CB about how being a part of the co-op and larger MCBA community has changed the way she approaches her art.
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Interview with Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. is a letterpress printer based in Detroit. MCBA was honored to host him as printer-in-residence for the entire month of July, 2017. He lead a series of work sessions at MCBA inviting Twin Cities community organizations to make their own print signs, which were featured throughout Open Book as a building-wide “takeover.” We sat down with Amos to learn about what inspires him as an artist.
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