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Co-op membership applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by current co-op members and MCBA staff. For more information or to apply, download the full membership guidelines and application forms below. If you have questions, contact us at or 612-215-2520.

MCBA Artist Co-op Member Guidelines

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About the MCBA Artist Co-op

The MCBA Artist Cooperative is a welcoming community of artists dedicated to the book arts. Co-op membership is open to artists with demonstrated interest in papermaking, binding, letterpress, relief printmaking and/or screenprinting; membership offers extended access to a wide range of equipment in MCBA’s studios. The Co-op is a great environment in which to receive feedback on work in progress, get help troubleshooting a project, spark new collaborations and enjoy fellowship. Co-op members can also take part in exhibition opportunities, skill-sharing workshops, class tuition discounts and more.

Co-op member benefits:

  • 24-hour access to the MCBA printing, binding and papermaking studios
  • 70/30 consignment split on work for sale in The Shop
  • 50% discount on MCBA class tuition (subject to class enrollment)
  • On-site secure artist storage
  • Preferred press access on Open Studio nights
  • Exhibition opportunities
  • Study, teaching, and mentor opportunities
  • Participation in an active community of working artists
  • Opportunities to participate in MCBA special events

Co-op membership dues are $165/month, with a minimum six month commitment. Volunteer opportunities are available to reduce dues to as low as $110 per month. A limited number of short-term memberships (three to five month commitment) may be available, based on studio capacity. Short-term membership dues are $195 per month. Short-term membership dues may not be reduced by volunteering.

For more details about applying to the MCBA Artist Co-op, see the application material links at the left.

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Current Co-op members:

Brandon Alvarado

coop placeholder

Artist details

Brandon is a designer and artist in St. Paul. He studied Graphic Design at Iowa State University. His work is interested in language, code, and generative processes.

To learn more, visit his website.

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Laura Andrews

Laura Andrews Headshot

Artist details

Laura Andrews is a painter who lives and works in Minneapolis. She currently teaches painting and drawing at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, as well as at Century College in White Bear Lake, MN. She received her M.F.A. from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her work deals with landscape and the relationship between people and the natural world.

To learn more, visit her website.

laura andrews 1 full Nana_web laura andrews 3

Julie Baugnet


Artist details

Julie works with screen printing, letterpress and intaglio. She is interested in languages and cultural exchange and many of her books are bilingual. She has worked with poets writing in French, Occitan, and Catalan languages. To learn more about Julie’s work, visit her website or her blog.

baugnet1 baugnet2 baugnet3

Wendy Fernstrum

Wendy Fernstrum

Artist details

To learn more about Wendy’s work, visit her website.

Georgia A. Greeley

greeey headshot

Artist details

To learn more about Georgia’s work, visit her website.

Marvel Gregoire

marvel headshot

Artist details

“I have been a member of the MCBA Coop since January, 2011, where I enjoy the community of artists, their support and the sharing of ideas. I am a retired teacher. When not working on my own projects, I volunteer as a tour guide at the Walker Art Center and at MCBA. I live with my family in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“When I consider the book, I think about process, materials, images and ideas contained in a small package to be shared with and enjoyed by others. Whether concrete or abstract, the entire process is personal and very tangible, putting me in touch with others both past and present, here and no longer. I am the author, the artist, as well as the printer and the binder. I take great pleasure in seeing my books emerge complete from conception. A gift, the book can please in many ways, offer ideas for discussion and possibly bring about change. It keeps us in touch with others and so becomes critical to community and traditions, communication and connections, critical components in our culture today. For me, bookmaking is a delight, one hundred percent.”

timthumb timthumb2

Mary Leikvold

mary headshot

Jerry McClelland

Artist details

The content I engage with revolves around women’s identities, women’s work, beauty and mortality. I select women’s abandoned, antique needleworks as the substrate or the content of a book, partly because of my exposure to needlework in my childhood and partly because they are visually rich and rich in meaning. I plumb these needleworks for metaphors, contradictions, erroneous assumptions, and alternative explanations as I develop a theme for a book.Presently I am working with a dozen other artists and poets on the Quilt, Not Quilt project. We are deconstructing 10 tattered quilts. We are making new art from some of the cloth and making paper for new art from the rest of the cloth.

Raven Miller

Sally Power

sally headshot

Artist details

“Marbling paper is my primary focus as an artisan. I love working with patterns and color and building my technical abilities. Having spent my primary earning career focused on the content of books; this is a major change.

My motivations are to create things that I believe are beautiful, to explore the art form by building both my creative imagination and my technique, and to introduce this art form to more and more people.

I am a product of MCBA’s nurturing. I first saw marbling at an open house and began taking workshops early in the 2000s. Over the years I have benefited from some excellent teaching! For a long time marbling and making things with the papers I produced was just a hobby bounded by work requirements and commitments, my ability to get space for the process, and living generally. Now I’ve entered a new phase of my artisan life and marbling has become a larger part of my life.

As a member of the MCBA artist co-op I am constantly presenting with learning opportunities as well as a support network for new endeavors. I also get access to a place where I can marble away from my two cats, Palmer and Smokey.”

To learn more about Sally’s work, visit her website.


Regula Russelle


Artist details

To learn more about Regula’s work, visit her website.

Work Sample2_Regula_Russelle Work Sample3_Regula_Russelle Work Sample1_Regula_Russelle

Cathy Ryan

Cathy Ryan Headshot

CB Sherlock

CB headshot

Artist details

“My work is about the threads that connect us: connections to the land, to our past, and to each other. In divided times these are fibers that link us together. As we struggle with why our neighbor voted this way, why someone we love is hated, we remember that we all want the same outcome; prosperity, happiness, success, longevity. Not just for individuals but our communities, our county, our world.

“I am a printmaker and book artist. I create small edition books and one of a kind works of art, combining text, imagery, and nontraditional housing. Everything is comfortable to the hand, a pleasure to the eye and a sense of heart for the soul. In making artist books, I am able to use the intimacy, flexibility, the movement thru time, and inter-activeness of the book structure.

“A book held in one’s hands creates an intimate bond with the viewer. It allows the content to be integrated with their past and their present, creating that “Ah, hah!” moment, leading to a new understanding, new perception, new experience — creating something that will add to the perception of being connected to those around them.”

To learn more about CB’s work, visit her website.

CB Sherlock_ Grass CB Sherlock_Vowels

Richard Stephens

richard headshot

Artist details

To learn more about Richard’s work, visit his website.

Annie Walsh

coop placeholder

Artist details

To learn more about Annie’s work, visit her website.