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Book arts are a vibrant visual and literary form of expression that is truly interdisciplinary in nature.

At Minnesota Center for Book Arts, flexible lesson plans and knowledgeable staff allow you to integrate book arts with your existing curriculum. Our teaching style offers a mix of direct instruction and individual creative expression. Standard workshops are held both in the MCBA studios and in schools, libraries and community centers.

In-School Workshops

Your class can come to our studios, OR we can come to you! MCBA offers a wide variety of workshop opportunities in your school, whether for one class or for your entire school. For a more in-depth book arts experience, consider starting with a papermaking or printing workshop in MCBA’s studios and completing your bookmaking workshop back at school.

Papermaking and printing workshops are held at our studios. Bookbinding workshops are offered at our studios as well as at offsite locations. MCBA instructors can bring all bookbinding materials and tools to your classroom, library or community center.

Why Book Arts?

Adding book arts to your curriculum will help engage your students in:

  • Hands-on learning through artistic process
  • Creative and personal expression
  • Deeper understanding of a subject matter
  • Pride in personal accomplishments
  • Collaborations with other students and across subjects
  • An understanding of the creative process
  • Discovery of a new art form
  • Critical and visual thinking skills
  • Demonstrating knowledge of subject matter in book form

Students Succeed

The book arts dwell in the visual arts, yet students typically don’t feel they need to be an artist in order to create their own book. The book form provides a familiar, accessible starting place for students. Our experienced artist-instructors take students through a step-by-step process leading to the successfull completing of their own book arts project.

Workshop Notes

  • Each workshop is planned so that students successfully complete the structure. Plan additional time at MCBA or in your classroom to complete text and illustration. Ask about extended workshops if you would like to work on your books at MCBA.
  • Workshops are offered year-round Tuesday through Friday and other days upon request.
  • MCBA studios can accommodate a group of up to 30 students or multiple groups of up to 120 students.
  • One chaperone is required for every 10 students. Chaperones play a vital role in assisting students and are not charged admission.
  • Dress for mess! Casual clothes and rubber-soled shoes are recommended.
  • MCBA studios are accessible to all. Please let us know about special needs when registering.
  • Workshop prices vary based on the cost of materials used and the length of the workshop.

Take advantage of a 10 percent discount on workshops scheduled for September and October!

2-for-$14 Fall Opportunity!

During the months of September and October, choose any two of the eligible workshops listed below for two hours of fun and learning at $14 per student ($280 group minimum) — a savings of up to $1.50 per student. To qualify, both workshops must take place on the same day. The September/October discount does not apply to the 2-for-$14 fall opportunity. Select from:

  • Intro to Papermaking
  • Class Font: Print a Poster
  • Thematic Pop-Out Books
  • Tower Pop-Ups
  • Softcover Journal with Pockets
  • Accordion Books
  • Tunnel Books
  • Bridge Petal Fold Books
  • Flag Books
  • Small Stab Bindings


MCBA schedules residencies year-round. Please allow two to three months for the planning process. We encourage early registration — our schedule fills quickly, especially for the spring. To register for a workshop, to inquire about scheduling/availability, or for answers to any questions you might have, please contact MCBA’s Youth & Community Programs at

Youth Workshop Descriptions

Single activity workshops are listed below. Consider pairing workshops to create a unique learning experience for your students!

Printing and Printmaking

Papermaking, Paper Marbling and Pulp Painting


Journals, Sketchbooks and Classroom Publishing

Custom Workshops