Sally Power

“Marbling paper is my primary focus as an artisan. I love working with patterns and color and building my technical abilities. Having spent my primary earning career focused on the content of books; this is a major change.

“My motivations are to create things that I believe are beautiful, to explore the art form by building both my creative imagination and my technique, and to introduce this art form to more and more people.

“I am a product of MCBA’s nurturing. I first saw marbling at an open house and began taking workshops early in the 2000s. Over the years I have benefited from some excellent teaching! For a long time marbling and making things with the papers I produced was just a hobby bounded by work requirements and commitments, my ability to get space for the process, and living generally. Now I’ve entered a new phase of my artisan life and marbling has become a larger part of my life.

“As a member of the MCBA artist co-op I am constantly presenting with learning opportunities as well as a support network for new endeavors. I also get access to a place where I can marble away from my two cats, Palmer and Smokey.”

To learn more about Sally’s work, visit her website.