Winter Book

2015 Winter Book: “From the Center: On Community and the Practice of Making”


You need paper and pencils. Your hands must be warm.
      You need to feel the deep pleasure of rivers. On days
you cannot feel this, you simply have to believe it.
      You have to be grateful. You have to learn the double
meaning of yield. You have to love and risk your little life.
                  — Yvette Nelson

In celebration of MCBA’s thirtieth anniversary, our twenty-fifth Winter Book features writing by members of MCBA’s artist community in a handmade book: From the Center: On Community and the Practice of Making.

A Standard Edition of 150 numbered copies and a Deluxe Edition of 26 copies will be letterpress printed on Hahnemuhle Ingres paper. Both editions include color prints on translucent Sekishu paper.

The book is curated and designed by Regula Russelle, Monica Edwards Larson, and Anna Bredeson. Russelle and Edwards Larson will be overseeing the printing with interns Emma Klajbor and Jennifer Bilton in MCBA’s studios.


I have always played with water. As a small child I fooled around with it as it
traveled down the street gutter after or during a rain. I would put little
structures up so the path of the water would change direction. I took every
opportunity to wade into a rock-filled creek and listen to the sound of the
water and the rocks. I concentrated until I could hear the repeating pattern,
like a verse in a song.

As a papermaker, water continues to be my mentor. It is yielding but strong,
helping me to listen and accept the flow of life.
                  — Amanda Degener

Contributors to the 2015 Winter Book include:
Kent Aldrich; Julie A. Baugnet and Felip Costaglioli; Claudia Danielson; Amanda Degener; Meryl DePasquale; Wendy Fernstrum; Georgia A. Greeley; Marvel Grégoire; Mary Hark; MC Hyland; Daniel E. Kelm; Monica Edwards Larson; William Andrew Myers; Paulette Myers-Rich; Yvette Nelson; Sarah Peters; Joanne Price; Jana Pullman; Jeff Rathermel; Wilber H. Schilling; Gaylord Schanilec; Rory Sparks; Barbara Tetenbaum; Jill S. Weese; Jody Williams; Karen Wirth

Additional details and purchase information will be added in early fall. Please join us for the publication party on Saturday, December 12 from 6 to 9pm; this event is free and open to the public.


My roots are in poetry, and I’m still walking down that road.
When something strikes me as interesting and significant, I work with it.
The result these days is a book. In my younger days it was a poem.
You could say my work is about roadside attractions.

I’m often amazed at how one can take a seemingly insignificant detail,
and by putting time into it, it grows into something much larger:
      like a grain of sand turning into a pearl.
                  — Gaylord Schanilec



About Winter Book

MCBA’s annual Winter Book publication is the embodiment of our artistic vision — to preserve and promote both the traditional crafts of bookmaking (hand papermaking, letterpress printing, printmaking and hand bookbinding) as well as the contemporary exploration of the book as art. Since 1988, Winter Book has engaged artists, designers, papermakers, printers, bookbinders and community volunteers in producing a handmade, limited edition artist’s book featuring poetry or prose by a Minnesota author or editor. The artistry and hand craftsmanship of each Winter Book makes it an avidly collected series, included in museum and rare book library collections across the country and around the world.

Proceeds from each Winter Book are invested in the production of the following year’s publication. Your purchase of a Winter Book ensures the continued practice of book arts traditions in a community setting where seasoned practitioners share what they know with learners.

Visit The Shop at MCBA to see Winter Books of the past in person. Winter Book has featured such treasured Minnesota writers as Robert Bly, Louise Erdrich, Kevin Kling, Bill Holm, Louis Jenkins, Carol Bly, Larry Millett, Patricia Hampl, Judith Guest, Jon Hassler and Bryan Thao Worra, among many others.




2014 Winter Book: “The War Between the Water and the Road”

by Minnesota author William Alexander

The twenty-fourth in MCBA’s perennial Winter Book series celebrating the handmade book, The War Between the Water and the Road is a modern parable regarding justice through the eyes of a young boy, full of cautionary tales, humor and elements of fantasy.

Author William Alexander studied theatre and folklore at Oberlin College and English at the University of Vermont. He currently lives, writes, and teaches in Minneapolis. His short stories have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies; his debut novel, Goblin Secrets, received the 2012 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature.

Under the direction of MCBA Executive Director Jeff Rathermel, two editions were produced: Standard and Deluxe. Master Printer Todd Thyberg directed letterpress printing and was assisted by Monica Edwards Larson, Marvel Gregoire, Regula Russelle, Annie Walsh and Jason Yoh.

Both editions include color reductive linoleum prints based on the digital illustrations of Amanda Ritchie, carved and printed by Richard Stephens with the assistance of Andre Heuer, Hans Koch, CB Sherlock, Ioana Stoian and Amoreena Tarvas. Chan Chau and Emily Goldsmith contributed additional illustrations.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition (75 numbered copies), printed on Mohawk Superfine, was sewn by MCBA volunteers. Book blocks were cased by Campbell-Logan Bindery. Covers of charcoal buckram include an inset of marbled paper.

Purchase the Standard Edition:
$75 / MCBA member price $67.50
Shipping $15, plus $5 each additional copy (within continental US)


Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition (26 lettered copies) is printed on Zerkall Frankfurt and bound by Master Binder Jana Pullman. The half binding of blue and gray goatskin leather includes hand marbled paper by Sue Bjerke, Sally Power and Jana Pullman. Copies are signed by the Author, Master Printer and Master Binder.

The Deluxe Edition includes a limited edition print signed by illustrator Emily Goldsmith, and a softcover coloring book housed in a cotton cloth satchel. The coloring book’s cover was designed by Tom Spence and digitally printed by Bolger Vision Beyond Print. Illustrations in the coloring book are by Chan Chau, Emily Goldsmith and Amanda Ritchie. Images were letterpress printed on silver gray Hahnemule Ingres paper.

All components of the Deluxe Edition are presented in a clamshell box covered in blue and gray Cialux bookcloth and lined with blue Bugra paper. Box construction and binding assistance was provided by Sue Bjerke and Sally Power.

Purchase the Deluxe Edition:
$450 / MCBA member price $405
Shipping $20 each (within continental US)


If you prefer to pick up your book(s) at MCBA to avoid shipping costs, to inquire about standing orders, or for shipping outside the continental US, please call The Shop at MCBA at 612-215-2520.

MCBA wishes to thank William Alexander for the gift of his words, as well as the following companies for their generous support:
Angel Bomb
The Campbell-Logan Bindery
Bolger Vision Beyond Print