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About Winter Book

MCBA’s annual Winter Book publication is the embodiment of our artistic vision — to preserve and promote both the traditional crafts of bookmaking (hand papermaking, letterpress printing, printmaking and hand bookbinding) as well as the contemporary exploration of the book as art. Since 1988, Winter Book has engaged artists, designers, papermakers, printers, bookbinders and community volunteers in producing a handmade, limited edition artist’s book featuring poetry or prose by a Minnesota author or editor. The artistry and hand craftsmanship of each Winter Book makes it an avidly collected series, included in museum and rare book library collections across the country and around the world.

Proceeds from each Winter Book are invested in the production of the following year’s publication. Your purchase of a Winter Book ensures the continued practice of book arts traditions in a community setting where seasoned practitioners share what they know with learners.

Visit The Shop at MCBA to see Winter Books of the past in person. Winter Book has featured such treasured Minnesota writers as Robert Bly, Louise Erdrich, Kevin Kling, Bill Holm, Louis Jenkins, Carol Bly, Larry Millett, Patricia Hampl, Judith Guest, Jon Hassler and Bryan Thao Worra, among many others.




2015 Winter Book: “From the Center: On Community and the Practice of Making”


In celebration of MCBA’s thirtieth anniversary, our twenty-fifth Winter Book featured writing by members of MCBA’s artist community for the first time in its history. In a collection of short essays and poems, contributors reflected on what it means to work in a community and practice book arts processes such as binding, letterpress printing, and papermaking.

Why is community important? How is the artist’s hand present in these process-intensive crafts and in conceptual book work? The writings discussed the importance of sharing skills and practices with others as well as the exchanges that occur between people creating work in the same space.

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From the Center was curated and designed by Anna Bredeson, Monica Edwards Larson, and Regula Russelle. The twenty-fifth Winter Book was produced in two editions, each letterpress printed by master printers Regula Russelle and Monica Edwards Larson, with the assistance of Winter Book interns Jennifer Bilton, Emma Klajbor, Marisa Oyen, and Gretchen Thayer.

Contributors to the 2015 Winter Book include:
Kent Aldrich; Julie A. Baugnet and Felip Costaglioli; Claudia Danielson; Amanda Degener; Meryl DePasquale; Wendy Fernstrum; Georgia A. Greeley; Marvel Grégoire; Mary Hark; MC Hyland; Daniel E. Kelm; Monica Edwards Larson; William Andrew Myers; Paulette Myers-Rich; Yvette Nelson; Sarah Peters; Joanne Price; Jana Pullman; Jeff Rathermel; Wilber H. Schilling; Gaylord Schanilec; Rory Sparks; Barbara Tetenbaum; Jill S. Weese; Jody Williams; Karen Wirth