Hardcover Book

with Anna Haglin
Tuesdays: August 10, 17, 24, 31; 7–9pm CT

In this virtual workshop, learn how to make a hardcover book at home. An introduction to basic tools and materials will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make this binding again in different sizes and with a variety of materials. Learn how to find the grain direction of paper and book board, how to fold and sew paper to create pages, methods for creating a hardcover case from book board, and tips and tricks for attaching the hardcover to pages. Continue reading “Hardcover Book”

Mystery Box Artist’s Book

with Yuka Petz
Wednesday, August 11; 6:30–9pm CT

It’s time to break out of your material comfort zone and think with your hands! Participants will be mailed a Mini-But-Mighty Mystery Box of Materials, which must not be opened until the virtual workshop. After a brief discussion of what defines a book and “bookness,” participants will open their boxes and make an artist’s book following three simple rules: Continue reading “Mystery Box Artist’s Book”

Sewn Board Binding

with Suzanne Glémot
Thursdays: August 19, 26; 6–9pm CT

The sewn board binding is a lovely and versatile contemporary book structure that opens flat, making it extra convenient to handle, journal, paint in, and more. Its material needs are adaptable, too, which makes it a great structure to explore at home or with a small studio set-up. Over the course of two evenings, workshop participants will learn this structure, from text block preparation to finishing the book covers with decorative papers. Continue reading “Sewn Board Binding”

Gel Plate Printing Inspired by Nature

with Elaine Chu
Tuesday, August 24; 4:30-6:30pm CT

In this virtual workshop, create stunning monoprints with leaves from your yard or houseplants. Learn experimental techniques with this fun medium, like how to mask off parts of an image during the inking process and how to make ghost impressions. Print a set of unique cards and then learn how to construct a sewn booklet using one of the cards as the cover. Continue reading “Gel Plate Printing Inspired by Nature”

Papermaking for a Livable Future: Artist Talk & Demo

with Hannah Chalew
Wednesday, September 22; 4:30–6:30pm CT

Join us for a virtual artist talk and demo with Hannah Chalew, a New Orleans-based artist, activist, and educator. Chalew’s artwork explores what it means to live in a time of global warming with a collective uncertain future—and specifically what that means for those living in Southern Louisiana. Through research and experimentation over the last few years, Chalew developed a paper made with bagasse (ground sugarcane) and plastic waste called “plasticane.” Continue reading “Papermaking for a Livable Future: Artist Talk & Demo”

Fiber Stories: Artist Talk & Demo

with Kay Healy
Wednesday, October 20; 7–9pm CT

Join for a virtual artist talk with Kay Healy, a Philadelphia-based artist whose interview-based work investigates themes of home, loss, displacement, and resilience through life-sized drawn, painted, and screen-printed fabric installations. Kay Healy’s exhibition, Victory, will be on display in the Outlook Gallery at Minnesota Center for Book Arts from September–October 2021, viewable from the sidewalk along Washington Avenue. Continue reading “Fiber Stories: Artist Talk & Demo”

Love Local: Summer Edition

Saturday, June 26; 1–2pm CT

Gather your family and join Madeline Garcia, MCBA’s Education & Community Engagement Coordinator, for a virtual workshop! You’ll learn how to make three warm weather-inspired pop-up cards to send to your loved ones this summer. Fun and accessible to many developmental levels, this workshop is open to all ages. Families can choose to work together or separately to create their cards (some adult help suggested when using Xacto knife).

Continue reading “Love Local: Summer Edition”