About Virtual Workshops

About Virtual Workshops



How will I access an MCBA virtual workshop?

Access the workshop online anywhere you have a strong internet or data connection. Your personal living space is a great place to spread out with your device and the materials needed for your workshop. Step-by-step instructions for accessing the workshop online will be sent to you approximately 2 days before the workshop’s start date. 


How do I know what materials and tools are needed for the workshop?

Materials are listed with workshop descriptions online, along with the email address of the teaching artist who you may contact with questions about materials. You may also contact MCBA staff at workshops@mnbookarts.org with questions regarding materials.


What level of interaction is involved in the workshop?

MCBA’s virtual workshops are live. We encourage you to share video and audio and participate in the workshop similarly to the way you would in an in-person workshop, asking questions and connecting with other participants. If you prefer, you’re also welcome to work without a camera. For Live Demos, your camera and microphone will be turned off, but the chat is available to ask the teaching artist questions.


Will I need to download any software?

We use Zoom for our virtual workshops. You will receive step-by-step instructions for downloading Zoom (it’s free!) and accessing the workshop online approximately 2 days before the workshop’s start date. 


What type of device will I need to access the workshop?

Our workshops use Zoom, and some workshops also use Google Classroom. You should be able to access your workshop from any device with a strong internet or data connection and the ability to download Zoom (it’s free!). We recommend accessing the workshop from a laptop or desktop computer, if possible. You may also access the workshop from a smartphone with IOS or Android, but some features of the Zoom platform may be more difficult to access on a mobile device.


Are virtual workshops recorded and made available to participants?

We’re so grateful to be able to work with experienced and talented teaching artists in Minnesota and all over the country. In order to protect their intellectual property rights, we’re not recording virtual workshops. Most of our workshops are highly participatory. Collaborating with others and exchanging ideas in real time is an important part of our live, virtual workshops. If you find you are not able to attend a workshop, please see our withdrawal policy below.


Is there any other way I can support Minnesota Center for Book Arts?

Yes! If you are interested in helping us keep our community going during these uncertain times, make a donation or buy a gift certificate for a future workshop. Your support, in any amount, is helpful in moving us forward to fulfill our mission, and greatly appreciated.