Intermediate Movables & Pop-Ups in Artists’ Books

with Olli Johnson
Wednesdays: October 2, 9, 16, 23; 6-9pm
Movables & Pop-Ups in Artists’ Books helpful but not required

Learn advanced techniques to add movement and dimension to your work. Explore paper engineering theory with an emphasis on understanding the “why?” and “how?” behind more complex mechanisms and structures. Participants establish a base of understanding through the use of templates and gain confidence in the concepts through engineering their own unique designs. There will be time and guidance provided to develop an independent project.

Certificate: Category B or C

$216 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $25 supply fee

Dirty Works: Color and Collage

with Laura Brown
Friday, October 4; 6–8pm
Great for beginners

Collage is a meditative and intuitive way to create an image. Learn basic color theory and composition, then experiment with cutting shapes and arranging them to create images and patterns.

Join MCBA for Dirty Works, a series of casual classes, taking place on the first Friday of each month. Activities are designed for the bookishly curious and the creatively apprehensive; no experience needed.

$35 + $5 supply fee

Zine Making in a Nutshell

with Regula Russelle
Mondays: October 7, 14, 21; 6-8pm

Short for magazine, zines are a fun and inexpensive way to share ideas with friends or with the wider public. Get inspired looking at many examples, and then work on one or two zines of your own. The workshop will cover content development, useful zine structures, simple illustration techniques, and tips on making multiples.

Certificate: Category B or C

$108 + $15 supply fee

Introduction to Collage

with Monica Howell
Saturday, October 12; 10am-4pm


Learn techniques and tips for cutting paper to use in collages, paper “paintings,” and artist’s books. Work with a variety of types of papers, practice layering and mixing colors and textures, recreate and remix favorite works of art with paper, and bring a spirit of play and experimentation to your creative process. Activities include examining and discussing the work of other collage artists, reviewing and discussing potential materials, using participant- and instructor-provided artwork as inspiration for creating remixed versions of the original artwork, practicing paper cutting and gluing techniques, and creating original works of cut paper and collage. Mixed media techniques in collages, such as printing and painting, will also be discussed, though not practiced in the workshop.

Certificate: Category D

$108 + $25 supply fee

Shine Bright Like a Zine

with Anna Haglin
Saturday, October 19; 10am-4pm


This workshop turns up the volume on an unapologetically loud publication format–zines. In two sessions, participants will learn how to generate content, execute a layout, print in toner, apply hot-stamped foil, and fold their one-page zines. Participants will walk away with their own limited edition to distribute in as many venues as possible—letting each idea shine in a new community.

Certificate: Category B or C

$108 + $30 supply fee

Introduction to Design: Color and Composition

with Laura Brown
Sat-Sun, October 26 & 27; 9am-4pm

Developing a visual language is essential for any artist. This two-day workshop will provide participants with a framework for creating images through exercises that emphasize experimentation and play. With a focus on color relationships and their effect on composition, methods will include collage, drawing, watercolor painting, and rubber stamp carving and printing.

Certificate: Category A; fulfills core design requirement

$252 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $40 supply fee

Charting an Art Practice

with Regula Russelle
Wednesdays: October 30, November 6, 13, 20; 6-8pm

All artists, from professional to amateur, grapple with: how to make room for artmaking in our daily lives, how to respect our limitations and make peace with uncertainty, how to create realistic goals and work toward them, and how to connect with an audience. This participatory workshop explores how to shape a life in the (book) arts through writing, “map making,” conversation, and by considering examples.

Certificate: Category C or D

$144 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $10 supply fee

Developing Books from Archival Sources

with Laura Brown
Friday, November 22, 6-9pm and Saturday, November 23; 10am-4pm

Beginning with a field trip to the Central Library’s Image File, this workshop will focus on using source material as a jumping off point for artist book development. After selecting images to work with, develop a single page master and reproduce it on the copier, then fold it into a single-sheet book. Participants will leave with an edition of 10 single-sheet books plus one from the other workshop participants, along with a folded box to store the collection.

Certificate: Category B or C

$162 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $30 supply fee