Understanding Creative Commons, the Public Domain, and Fair Use

with Monica Howell
Monday, February 3; 6-9pm

Learn the difference between artworks that are under copyright, in the public domain, and licensed under Creative Commons. Learn the considerations that go into fair use of existing artworks for your own artistic purposes. Learn about the different types of Creative Commons licenses and how you can apply them to your own artwork and publications. Fold a one-sheet Creative Commons primer zine and make a Fair Use Kaleidocycle to take home for reference.
Please note: the instructor is not a lawyer and the information provided in this workshop cannot be considered legal advice.

Certificate: 3 hours, Category B or D

$60 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $6 supply fee

Evening Intro to Book Arts

with Laura Brown and Anna Haglin
Thursdays, February 27, March 5, 12, 19; 6-9pm

A perfect introduction to book arts! First, get your feet wet (literally!) in the paper studio, exploring the Western tradition of papermaking. Next, use screen printing to layer colors and shapes in a collaborative project. Investigate letterpress as you set type and create prints on the Vandercook press. Finally, bind a selection of your handmade and printed papers together into simple folded and pamphlet-stitched books. With a focus on learning several basic techniques, this class is perfect for experimentation and play across disciplines with a look at the relationship between material and process.

Certificate: 12 hours, Category A

$216 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $50 supply fee

Your Creative DNA: Artists’ Books and Process

with Brad Thomas
Saturday & Sunday, February 29-March 1; 10am-4pm

This workshop promotes the artist’s book as a safe space for personal expression and self-discovery. Draw upon your personal histories to develop meaningful content and propel new creations. Spontaneity, improvisation, and experimentation will be central to our journey. Together, we will explore strategies to get over the (sometimes) daunting hurdle of just getting started. Utilizing basic bookbinding techniques, construct your own personalized book and learn a variety of approaches to fill it with personal narratives and the unexpected. While our books will certainly be stand-alone works of art, we will draw upon the content to develop additional pieces during the class. Painting, drawing, collage, acrylic gel medium transfers, and basic book construction will all be integrated into our projects.

Certificate: 12 hours, Category D

$216 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $20 supply fee

Content Development for Small, Handmade Books

with Regula Russelle
Wednedays, March 4-April 8; 6-9pm

Explore ideas for mini memoirs, “how to” zines, and small books that carry poetic or philosophical questions or threads. Look through samples, then make two or three simple books that are either complete or will serve as sturdy drafts for future work. Techniques are taught with inexpensive tools and materials so that you gain skills to later make small books at home.

Certificate: 18 hours, Category C or D

$324 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $35 supply fee

Japanese Tabletop Screens

with Sheila Asato
Saturday-Sunday, March 7 & 8; 10am-3pm

Small screens are often used in Japan as a backdrop for floral arrangements, during the tea ceremony and to display art or calligraphy. In this workshop you will learn how to make a small folding screen using traditional Japanese paper hinges. Then you will decorate your screen with sumi ink brush work, Japanese monkiri paper cuttings, and collage using decorative papers, your own artwork, or magazine images.

Certificate: 10 hours, Category B or D

$180 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $35 supply fee

Developing Narrative Voices: “Echoes from Schools”

with Paula Benfer
Thursday, April 2, 6-9pm; Saturday & Sunday, April 4-5, 9am-4pm

Budding writers and visual artists will enjoy using their personal school day experiences to create a traditional book, or 3-D object. First, deconstruct ordinary school objects and transform them into “covers” or housings for your stories. Then, illustrate your written story with reduction prints, stamps, embossments, and other methods. This class will be free flowing and playful, implementing many collage and fiber mediums. Experiment with a variety of tools, along with writing and printed illustrations. Final pieces will be on display in a culminating celebration and sharing of stories with invited guests.

Certificate: 17 hours; Category C or D

$306 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $25 supply fee

Dirty Works: Map Folds: Bigger on the Inside

with Laurie Jedamus
Friday, April 3; 6–8pm
Great for beginners

Do you want a book to contain a page that’s larger than the other pages? Map folds are an ingenious solution! Create two map folds (Turkish and Hungarian), then stitch them into a simple pamphlet book.

Join MCBA for Dirty Works, a series of casual classes, taking place on the first Friday of each month. Activities are designed for the bookishly curious and the creatively apprehensive; no experience needed.

$35 + $5 supply fee