Evening Introduction to Binding

with Anna Haglin
Wednesdays, April 15, 22, 29, May 6; 6-9pm

Learn several binding styles and basic skills, plus important fundamentals of materials, equipment, and techniques. Make an accordion with a pamphlet stitch, a long stitch binding, and a multi-signature case binding. Simple tools and methods will be used and discussed so each student can continue working at home.

Certificate: 12 hours, Category A; fulfills bookbinding requirement

$216 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $40 supply fee

Intermediate Screen Printing: Fun with Layers!

with Michelle Lee Lagerroos and Kirsten Olson
Wednesdays, April 15-May13; 6-9pm

This project-driven course will focus on the methods, techniques, and procedures employed in screen printing an edition of prints with multiple layers. Gain fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to confidently explore and experiment within the medium of screen printing. Explore registration methods and techniques, creating color separations and artwork for positives, mixing inks, printing effectively, and planning for successful screen prints. Each participant will create at least one edition of prints over the course of the class and will have the opportunity to participate in a group print exchange. Participants will also have the option to make simple prints on apparel. Previous screen printing experience required.

Certificate: 15 hours, Category C

$270 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $50 supply fee

Intermediate Binding: Bradel Binding

with Jana Pullman
Saturday-Sunday, April 18 & 19; 10am-5pm

Invented in the 19th century by French binder Alexis Bradel, this binding was meant to be a temporary binding. Refined by others, it developed into a permanent binding sturdier than a case binding, working well with small or large multi-signature books. In this workshop, you will make a small paper-covered book and a larger book with the signatures rounded and backed, covered with a three-piece cloth case. Introduction to Binding or equivalent experience required

Certificate: 14 hours, Category D

$252 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $40 supply fee

Less Junk, More Flowers: Origami Flowers from Recycled Materials

with Karine Rupp-Stanko
Saturday, April 18; 1-3pm

Turn your junk mail into beautiful origami flowers! Learn how to fold origami flowers using a modular technique. Build your skills practicing this fold while sharing in conversation about ways to reduce our impact on the environment, such as how to receive less unwanted solicitation mailings.

Certificate: 2 hours, Category D

$40 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $5 supply fee

Paper: An Ancient Medium in East Asian Contemporary Art

with Peng Wu
Sundays, April 19 & 26; 9am-4pm

Understanding the historical and social context of a medium is critical to art making. The class will start with a brief survey of paper as a historically significant medium used in ancient China, and its presence in Asian contemporary art and design, specifically in China, Japan, and Korea.

The survey will give you a broad understanding of the evolving role of paper in artistic expression, inspiring you to step out of the preconception of what paper is and can do. Two sessions of hands-on papermaking will allow for open-minded experimentation and play. Participate in a friendly culminating critique session so that you can practice articulating your work, a key component of contemporary art making.

Certificate: 14 hours, Category B or D

$252 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $60 supply fee

Origami Star Box with Lid

with Kathleen Sheridan
Wednesday, April 22; 6-8pm

Make a beautiful and useful origami box learning some basic origami folds. We’ll make a sample model, then move on to folding with gorgeous papers of your choice. The star box with lid is a unique opportunity for beginning folders to get their feet wet and make a stunning model. Experienced folders will also enjoy folding the box with unique papers.

Certificate: 2 hours, Category D

$40 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $12 supply fee

Magic Box Building

with Erin Maurelli
Saturday-Sunday, April 25-26; 10am-4pm

Do you believe in magic? You will as you learn to build this unique structure. Based on the Jacob’s Ladder structure, this box opens in two directions, revealing hidden compartments. Get big results and impress your friends with this complicated looking structure. Don’t worry, clear instructions and friendly instruction will make the beautiful result appear…as if by magic! The box is designed to hold a standard deck of playing cards and includes other compartments. Have something special to fit in a box? Bring it along.

Introduction to Book Arts, beginning box making, any structure building using book board preferred

Certificate: 12 hours, Category B or D

$216 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $55 supply fee