Adult Workshops

In an effort to support social distancing and to continue to spark the artistic impulse in all of us, MCBA is offering live, virtual workshops on a variety of topics, suitable for all skill levels. Art and meaningful connection are more important now than ever! With the help of an online platform, MCBA’s teaching artists are eager to connect with you wherever you are. Workshops are interactive and not recorded.

Virtual workshops are eligible for credit toward MCBA’s Certificate programs. Enrollees receive a 20% discount on tuition while registration is open. MCBA members receive a 10% discount on tuition.

Have questions about registration and withdrawal policies? This PDF contains a detailed list of policies and FAQs. If you are a teaching artist, you can propose a virtual workshop here.

Add your name to a wait list if a workshop you’d like to take is full. You’ll be contacted if another section of the workshop is scheduled.

Documentary Comics

with Camilo Aguirre
Saturdays: May 15, 22, 29; 10am-12pm CT

In this three-week workshop, Camilo Aguirre will share his artistic process and the developmental strategies he uses to create his comics. Beginning with an introduction to various formats used in documentary comics, the workshop covers the importance of point of view in the comic—who we are and what our position is in the world—as well as identifying blind spots and how to address them. Continue reading “Documentary Comics”

Introduction to Traditional French Pochoir

with Kitty Maryatt
Tuesdays and Thursdays: May 18, 20, 25, 27; 6–9pm CT

This workshop takes place in coordination with Drop Dead Gorgeous: Fine Bindings of La Prose du Transsibérien Re-creation, a virtual exhibition.

Inspired by Sonia Delaunay’s magnificent imagery in her 1913 book, La Prose du Transsibérien, participants will be introduced to pochoir (pronounced po-shwar), a traditional French stenciling technique using aluminum plates, French pochoir brushes, and gouache. Continue reading “Introduction to Traditional French Pochoir”

Print, Fold, Cut! Three Playful Techniques for Bookmaking

with Rachel Church
Tuesdays: June 1, 8, 15; 4:30–6:30pm CT

Learn a set of at-home techniques and structures for creating engaging artist’s books with little surprises such as storage compartments, peek-through cut-outs, and custom patterned paper. First, learn how to print patterned papers using simple, inexpensive supplies at home. Continue reading “Print, Fold, Cut! Three Playful Techniques for Bookmaking”

Box Building for Beginners

with Erin Maurelli
Tuesdays: June 1, 8, 15, 22; 7–9pm CT

This workshop is perfect for anyone new to book arts who would like to learn something a little different. Building boxes, with high-density board often called “book board,” is a time-honored tradition within book arts. Hand-built boxes serve many functions, from holding tools to preserving fragile books. Participants will learn the basics of box building while creating two unique boxes with lids. Continue reading “Box Building for Beginners”

Hand-Lettering in the Physical and Digital World

with Joanna Manning
Wednesdays: June 2, 9; 7–9pm CT

Designed for those with interest in exploring American penmanship, this virtual workshop begins with a brief history of calligraphy and writing instruments. Instruction will cover paper position, pen-holding posture, penmanship exercises, and practice with margin and spacing design. After hand lettering a design with an ink pen, scan the finished design and learn how to edit and share your design digitally. Continue reading “Hand-Lettering in the Physical and Digital World”

Mixed Media Sketchbook

with Emma Freeman
Thursdays: June 3, 10, 17; 7–9pm CT

Breathe new life into your book collection by turning existing books into sketchbooks. Explore a variety of mixed media artmaking techniques including painting, mark-making, collaging, drawing, and writing to create dynamic art on each page. This virtual workshop is an invitation to play and experiment with mixed media techniques to expand and deepen your abstract artmaking and mixed media language. Continue reading “Mixed Media Sketchbook”

Intermediate Screen Printing at Home

with Michelle Lee Lagerroos and Kirsten Olson
Thursdays: June 3, 10, 17, 24, July 1; 6–8pm CT; Print Lab Sundays: June 6, 13, 20, 27; 6–7pm CT

This project-driven virtual workshop will build on the methods, techniques, and procedures learned in the workshop Intro to Screen Printing: DIY Studio Setup. Gain fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to confidently explore and experiment within the medium of screen printing, including registration methods and techniques, repeat printing on fabric, mixing inks with transparent base to get “extra” colors, printing effectively at home, making your life easier with tools like Cricut, and planning for successful screen prints with all of the above. Continue reading “Intermediate Screen Printing at Home”

Eco-Printing with Plants

with Joanna Manning
Wednesday, June 16; 4:30–6:30pm CT

Add all-natural embellishments to fabric by printing with plant materials! In this virtual workshop, learn about natural dyes and the different colors they produce under varying amounts of significant pressure (for instance, using a hammer to apply pressure). Instruction will cover the elements of design (line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space) and principles (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity/variety). Continue reading “Eco-Printing with Plants”

Artist Talk: “Eyes Wide Shut”

with Ben Blount
Wednesday, June 23; 7–8:30pm CT

Join us for a virtual artist talk with Ben Blount, an artist, designer, and printer interested in notions of American identity, race, and culture. Ben Blount’s exhibition, Eyes Wide Shut, was on display in the windows of Minnesota Center for Book Arts from January-March 2021, viewable from the sidewalk along Washington Avenue. Continue reading “Artist Talk: “Eyes Wide Shut””

Box Building: Clamshell Boxes

with Erin Maurelli
Tuesday, June 29; 6–9pm CT

Clamshell boxes are used to store and protect precious objects—anything from books to a collection of artworks to sheet music. In this virtual workshop, create a small clamshell box to fit a deck of cards. Expand your experience in the basics of box building by developing skills to make hinges and learning about the function of these useful structures. Continue reading “Box Building: Clamshell Boxes”