Hardcover Book

with Anna Haglin
Tuesdays: July 6, 13, 20, 27; 7–9pm CT

In this virtual workshop, learn how to make a hardcover book at home. An introduction to basic tools and materials will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make this binding again in different sizes and with a variety of materials. Learn how to find the grain direction of paper and book board, how to fold and sew paper to create pages, methods for creating a hardcover case from book board, and tips and tricks for attaching the hardcover to pages. Continue reading “Hardcover Book”

Printing Monotypes on Fabric

with Michelle Lee Lagerroos and Kirsten Olson
Thursday, July 8; 6–8pm CT

Print monotypes on fabric that celebrate summer! In this virtual workshop, learn about gel plate printing with plants, stencils, paintbrushes, and materials from around your home. Build skills, experiment, and create a set of prints to brighten your space, with instructors available to guide you through the process and answer questions. Continue reading “Printing Monotypes on Fabric”

Zine-Making Against Climate Change

with Regula Russelle
Wednesdays: July 21, 28; 5–6:30pm CT

Zines are a super easy and inexpensive way to disseminate information to friends and to strangers. In this workshop you’ll explore how to make a zine related to the climate crisis. Content might range from “Veggie Gardening for Beginners” to pointers on “Zero Waste Practices” to “How to Talk with Legislators.” We will look at examples for inspiration, cover content development, practice a couple of simple zine structures, and learn how to make multiples and ways to share them. Continue reading “Zine-Making Against Climate Change”

Artist Talk & Lecture: Photo-Based Artist’s Books

with Paula McCartney
Thursday, July 22; 7–9pm

Books are a dynamic and intimate way to share work and offer a viewing experience that is not tied to a specific time and location. Join current McKnight Book Artist Fellow Paula McCartney as she shares the various kinds of photo-based artist’s books she has made during the past twenty years, from small edition handmade artist’s books to larger edition press-printed multiples. Continue reading “Artist Talk & Lecture: Photo-Based Artist’s Books”

Introduction to Traditional French Pochoir

with Kitty Maryatt
Tuesdays and Thursdays: August 3, 5, 10, 12; 6–9pm CT

This workshop takes place in coordination with Drop Dead Gorgeous: Fine Bindings of La Prose du Transsibérien Re-creation, a virtual exhibition.

Inspired by Sonia Delaunay’s magnificent imagery in her 1913 book, La Prose du Transsibérien, participants will be introduced to pochoir (pronounced po-shwar), a traditional French stenciling technique using aluminum plates, French pochoir brushes, and gouache. Continue reading “Introduction to Traditional French Pochoir”

Artist Talk & Demo: The Art of Korean Paper

with Aimee Lee
Wednesday, August 18; 4–6pm CT

Join us for an artist talk and demonstration with Aimee Lee, an artist, papermaker, writer, and the leading hanji (Korean handmade paper) researcher and practitioner in North America. While studying papermaking in the US, Aimee noticed a gap in paper history and decided to research, learn, and teach Korean papermaking to fill that gap. Continue reading “Artist Talk & Demo: The Art of Korean Paper”