Letterpress Topics: Printing Hebrew Type

with Robyn Awend
Thursday, January 26; 6–9pm CT

Get to know MCBA’s collection of Hebrew type and practice typesetting with the Hebrew alphabet. This demonstration-focused in-person workshop will show participants strategies for setting and choosing text based on character counts, type size, and other logistics involved in the process of letterpress printing with Hebrew type. Share budding project ideas for supportive feedback and resource-sharing. Return to MCBA for Letterpress Labs to set type and print your own project with Hebrew type. Continue reading “Letterpress Topics: Printing Hebrew Type”

Handmade Paper in Color: Mineral Earth and Lake Pigments

with Hannah O’Hare Bennett
Sat–Sun, January 28 & 29; 10am–4pm CT

Add color to handmade paper with natural pigments! On day one of this in-person workshop, begin with a review or introduction to basic European sheet formation, followed by instruction on how to extract lake pigments from natural dye vats using soda ash and alum. On the second day, spend the morning learning how to integrate mineral earth pigments and the lake pigments into pulp using retention aid. Then, pulling sheets of western-style papers in rich, natural hues ranging from oranges and yellows to light and dark reds and grays. If time allows, use citric acid and iron solutions to shift the colors of the papers. Participants will come away with a portfolio of colorful paper and a basic understanding of the papermaking process. Please wear clothing that can get dirty and shoes that can get wet (i.e. rubber boots, garden clogs, etc.).
Continue reading “Handmade Paper in Color: Mineral Earth and Lake Pigments”