MASTER CLASS: Classic Watercolor Marbling – WAITLIST AVAILABLE

with Regina and Dan St. John, Chena River Marblers
Tue-Fri, October 1-4; 9am-4pm
Marbling experience helpful but not required

Recreate authentic marbling patterns of the 1800s using historic techniques, lost over time, and rediscovered through research. Make paints from pigments, self-made binders, and beeswax glazing past which can be burnished to a polished, durable finish. Learn to manage paint additives to create and intermingle beautiful Shell, Stormont, Glouster, Italian Vein, and Tiger Eye patterns. Marvel as nineteenth century techniques meet twentieth century materials for endless possibilities!

Regina and Dan St. John are Chena River Marblers. They specialize in book edge-marbling, miniature marbling, custom marbled papers, and teaching marbling workshops around the country. Deeply influenced by historic marbling traditions all over the world, Chena River Marblers’ work encompasses much of the past while incorporating a twenty-first century twist to pattern, color, and technique.

Discounts are not available for visiting artist master classes. Register early as availability is limited and classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment six weeks in advance.

Certificate: 28 hours, Category C

$595 + $100 supply fee