DROP DEAD GORGEOUS: Fine Bindings of La Prose du Transsibérien Re-creation

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Kathy Abbott, England

Servane Briand, United States

Hannah Brown, England

Coleen Curry, United States

Sue Doggett, England

Samuel Feinstein, United States

Erin Fletcher, United States

Don Glaister, United States

Derek Hood, England

Susan Hulme, United States

Lang Ingalls, United States

George Kirkpatrick, England

Midori Kunikata-Cockram, England

Monique Lallier, United States

Kitty Maryatt, United States (Regular Edition)

Kitty Maryatt, United States (Deluxe Edition)

Sabina Nies, United States

Patricia Owen, United States

Eleanore Ramsey, United States

James Reid-Cunningham, United States

Dominic Riley, England

Tracey Rowledge, England

Haein Song, England

Priscilla Spitler, United States

Julian Thomas, Wales

Jonathan Tremblay, Canada

Henri Matisse, France

Henri Toulouse Lautrec, France

Pablo Picasso, France

Arlette Le More, France

Maturin Méheut, France

Georges Lepape, France

Kitty Maryatt's Pochoir Process