Emily Umentum

“My work is immersive for all the senses; it’s designed to transport the viewer into stories older
than memory as well as those not yet written. Some of my books may give tangible evidence of
an age of exploration or represent the secrets in an ancient, recently-unearthed tome, while
others are blank with possibility.”

“I am a bookbinder, but I also work with leather, textiles, paper marbling and metals. My work
combines traditional leather binding techniques with hardware into fully-functional works of
art. I choose materials based on their appeal to all the senses, and build books to weather time
and adventure with grace.”

“I’ve encountered diverse mentors across disciplines; all of them are notable for their
commitment to simultaneously pass on what they know and stay receptive to new lessons. It is
in this spirit that I’m honored to do my work in the bindery at MCBA and participate in this
teaching and learning cycle as a co-op member.”

To learn more about Emily’s work, visit her website.