Let’s Go to the Pet Store

with Ellen Ferrari
Tuesday, August 6; 10am-noon
For families with children ages 2 and up

Celebrate pets with And Here’s to You by David Elliot. Create imaginary pets with shape stamps. Fill a pet store with animal stamps and cookie cutters. Print pet pictures using letters D-O-G, C-A-T, etc. Celebrate running and flying pets with a roller stamp. Celebrate swimming pets by fish printing. Animal crackers for all.

Join Ellen Ferrari for Tuesday mornings of family book arts fun! Each workshop starts off with a story and game to warm up your creativity and then dives into book arts projects. Workshops accommodate a range of developmental levels so that adults and children (or) adult/child teams may choose to work together or side-by-side. Each participant receives supplies to use during the workshop, but may choose to bring one set home if working with his or her partner. Ellen will provide older children with suggestions for extending their learning.

Adult/child pair: $40 (10% discount for MCBA memberss) + $5 supply fee
Additional participants (adult or child): $20 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $2.50 supply fee