MCBA/Loft Combo Camps









Staying close to home this summer? Your imaginations can still venture far! We are partnering with the Loft Literary Center for a series of virtual camps that combine personal storytelling and bookmaking. The first half of each session will be spent turning your thoughts into words by writing your stories with professional authors at the Loft. Then, you’ll bring your stories to life with a one-of-a-kind book project, specifically tailored to your story and facilitated by professional book artists.

There’s just one Loft/MBCA combo class left this summer! Sign-up is through the Loft.

It’s All About Me
with Brenda Hudson and Madeline Garcia
For youth ages 9–11
Monday–Friday, August 3–7; 9am–noon

Want to get to know yourself better and create your very own “book of you?” Sign up for this class! We’ll use quirky writing prompts to help you tell your own story of who you are and what you think, feel, and dream. Then we’ll show you how to use paste, paint, and markers to create a beautiful book, with you as the main character!