About MCBA: Mission and vision

A respected and dedicated champion of the field, Minnesota Center for Book Arts is the largest and most comprehensive center of its kind. We celebrate the book as a dynamic contemporary art form that takes many shapes.

Our mission is to ignite artistic practice, inspire learning, and foster diverse creative communities through the book arts.

We do this by creating access to specialized book arts tools, equipment, and knowledge; supporting interdisciplinary artistic development; expanding opportunities for people who have been historically underrepresented in the field; and presenting exhibitions and educational programs that create connections around the art of the book, promote innovation, and advance the future of the field.

A world in which creative expression through the book arts is accessible to all.

Our work is essential to the care of the human spirit. We believe that creativity is a basic human impulse that should be encouraged and recognized in all its forms, and that creative expression is core to a full and free existence. Through embodied, hands-on artmaking in collaboration with community, we cultivate deep connections with ourselves and others. We’re here because we believe in your creative potential.

MCBA engages a continuum of creators, learners, and admirers through high-quality programs that celebrate a diversity of artistic perspectives and voices. We advance the book arts field by inviting innovation, caring for traditions, educating new enthusiasts, inspiring creative expression, honoring artistic excellence, and empowering broad public access to this dynamic art form. From the traditional crafts of papermaking, letterpress printing, and bookbinding to new methods of art-making and communication, MCBA supports the limitless creative development of book arts.