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MCBA’s in-person and virtual workshops in book arts are designed for adults looking to spark their creativity and professionals aiming to hone their practice. Our in-studio workshops offer hands-on experiences with specialized equipment and small class sizes, and often include a physical takeaway like a book, poster, or handmade paper. Virtual workshops feature processes that require easy-to-source materials and the opportunity to connect with artists from near and far. Our teaching artists—who bring a wide range of experience and education—thoughtfully balance lecture, demonstration, work time, and group sharing.

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Artist Panel: Shift-lab

with Katie Baldwin, Denise Bookwalter, Sarah Bryant, Macy Chadwick, and Tricia Treacy
Thursday, February 29; 6–7:15pm CT

Shift-lab is Katie Baldwin, Denise Bookwalter, Sarah Bryant, Macy Chadwick, and Tricia Treacy. This collective of five women artists—working across the United States—has produced print and book-based projects for more than a decade. Since 2013, Shift-lab has cultivated a collaborative practice through writing, curating, and making print- and book-based projects. In this virtual artist panel, learn more about Shift-lab’s collaborative process and the interdisciplinary work that seeks to find the intersections among language, sequence, structure, and narrative.
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Postcard Pocket Notebook: Collaboration & Exchange

with Shift-lab members Katie Baldwin, Denise Bookwalter, Sarah Bryant, and Macy Chadwick
Saturday, March 9; 9am–5pm CT

Exchange ideas, make new connections, and forge paths together in this collaborative workshop. Make an artist’s book containing language paired with mark-making exploration. Methods used for image-making are non-toxic, do not require equipment or complex setup, and are ideal for home studios and community engagement activities. 

Unlike traditional workshops, participants will be divided into groups and move from station to station, building their projects iteratively as they progress. At each station, Shift-lab members Katie Baldwin, Denise Bookwalter, Sarah Bryant, and Macy Chadwick will demonstrate relief printing, pochoir, writing, and bookbinding techniques with time to work with individuals on their projects over 90-minute intervals. Continue reading “Postcard Pocket Notebook: Collaboration & Exchange”

A History of the Book for Book Artists

with Rebecca Hranj
Saturday, March 30; 10am–4pm CT

What is a book? As book artists we continuously explore this question through our own work and our thoughts about the work of others. In this in-person workshop, we will consider how we can make our own work richer by asking, “What has a book been?” Through the lens of book history we will examine a variety of books: print books in our hands, images of books photographed by libraries and museums, and books that are exclusively digital. With this new knowledge we will work together to develop individual projects that engage historical bindings and methods. Questions we wrestle with may include: Is this how my ancestors would have done it? What role does colonization play in this book? Who has been oppressed, erased, or stigmatized through these materials? Can I cue my audience about the content by referring to the design of an important book—say, a 1940s pulp novel or a hand-lettered medieval manuscript? Come with open curiosity and leave with new context for your artistic practice. Continue reading “A History of the Book for Book Artists”

Ekphrastic Weaving with Paper & Poetry

with Jennifer Price
Wednesday, April 3; 6–8:30pm CT

Poetry about art, known as ekphrasis, is a longstanding form through which we can interrogate our motivations intricately. For the first half of this virtual workshop, we’ll survey a selection of ekphrastic writings before participants make paper weavings that will inspire their own self-ekphrastic poems. Paper weaving is the no-fail practice of cutting and assembling strips of paper into a perpendicular, diagonal—or any angle in between!—weave. This process allows the creative mind to go on “auto-pilot” as the composition drives itself intuitively in the flow state. For the last hour, prompts will help participants describe (with optional sharing) their paper weaving exercises through informal (free verse) or formal (haiku, sonnet, etc.) poetry. Participants will take away unique art and not just any poems, but those that reveal their creative desires, challenges, and actions. Continue reading “Ekphrastic Weaving with Paper & Poetry”

Pop-Up Books: Ages 7–11

with Kate Battle
Tuesday-Friday, July 16–19; 1–4pm CT

What can we make with a simple sheet of paper? How about a pop-up! Sure, they can be complex, but we start off with easy-peasy pops. In this four-day, in-person workshop, we look at some amazing pop-up books for inspiration, then we experiment and create a whole bunch of practice pop-ups. After learning the basics, choose your favorite pop-ups, add your text and a cover, and you’ve got your very own pop-up book!

Students learn the secrets of paper engineering and basic geometry involved in this art form. They learn how to use tools like bone folders and scoring tools. Their imaginations are engaged as they visualize how one pop-up structure can be illustrated in countless ways. Design may come into play if students choose to incorporate text on the pages of their pop-up book. Continue reading “Pop-Up Books: Ages 7–11”