Studio Labs

MCBA’s Studio Labs provide low-cost access to equipment outside of workshops. Enjoy fellowship of other makers as you work on your own projects in our bindery, wet studios, and print studios. Studio fellows are available to answer questions or help with equipment, but participants must register in advance and have adequate training to work independently. Studio Labs are not eligible for Certificate credit.

MCBA’s studios are also available for rental by-the-hour. Visit MCBA’s equipment rental page for more information. For regular access to equipment, check out MCBA’s Artist Collective.

Have questions? Check out MCBA’s Workshop & Studio Lab Policies and FAQs.

Bookbinding Lab

Tuesdays: 5–9pm or Saturdays: 10am–4pm CT
Experience required

Bookbinding Lab provides access to basic binding tools, hot foil stamping machines, and large tables. Work on your own projects alongside other artists in a friendly and supportive environment. Fee includes some consumables (small amounts of thread and PVA); supply your own book board, cloth, paper, and other needs. Continue reading “Bookbinding Lab”

Cutting Equipment Lab

Tuesdays: 5–9pm or Saturdays: 10am–4pm CT, hourly reservations
Experience required

Cut paper and book board using MCBA’s cutting equipment! Two guillotine paper cutters cut stacks of paper and two board shears cut large sheets of paper (also called “parent” sheets). Cutting Equipment Lab offers individuals an opportunity to reserve an hour-long time slot during Studio Lab to prepare paper and board for future projects. Prior training on safe and effective use of MCBA’s guillotine paper cutter and board shears is required. If this equipment is new to you and you are interested in learning how to use it, register for Cutting Equipment Orientation instead. Continue reading “Cutting Equipment Lab”

Papermaking Lab

Tuesdays: 5–9pm
Experience required

Beat fiber with MCBA’s Reina beater and two Valley beaters. Or, bring prepared paper fiber for sheet-forming. The paper studio has a variety of western-style and eastern-style moulds and deckles for making sheets, two hydraulic presses, plenty of vats and felts with air-drying racks and restraint dryers. The valley beaters hold approximately .75 lb. (dry fiber or half stuff); the Reina holds up to 2 lbs. dry fiber (half-stuff only). Continue reading “Papermaking Lab”

Screen Print Lab

Tuesdays: 5–9pm or Saturdays: 10am–4pm CT
Experience required

Prep screens, expose, and print in MCBA’s darkroom and printing studio, and enjoy the fellowship of other artists. Choose to print with exposed screens or wax paper stencils. Fee covers screen use and photo emulsion; supply your own water-based ink and paper. Continue reading “Screen Print Lab”

Cutting Equipment Orientation

Tuesdays: 6:30-7:30pm CT

If you aren’t already trained to use our cutting equipment, here is your opportunity! Through hands-on training you will learn the capabilities of each piece of MCBA’s bindery cutting equipment, and how to use them correctly and safely. Completion of this training will allow you to rent this equipment and use it independently. This orientation was previously titled Cutting Equipment Training. Continue reading “Cutting Equipment Orientation”