Visiting Artists

Enrich your creative practice by participating in a visiting artist workshop! Learn new techniques, deepen and expand your skills, and connect with regional and national visiting artists working in the field of book arts. Visiting artists are invited to teach innovative processes and techniques in hands-on workshops that meet participants at a variety of skill levels. Connect with experts in the field and expand your creative knowledge through a visiting artist workshop!

MCBA’s Visiting Artist Program is generously supported by Cathy Ryan & Doris Engibous

Papermaking as Transformation and Storytelling for Queer Makers

with e ainsley
Thursday, June 13; 6–9pm CT

In this in-person workshop, make paper sculptures with an object of significance to you and paper ephemera—letters, journal pages, photos, and/or documents—you’ve collected over time. Start by making a silicone mold of a cherished object that you bring to the studio. Then, turn your ephemera into pulp which will fill your mold to infuse this paper sculptural object with new meaning.  Continue reading “Papermaking as Transformation and Storytelling for Queer Makers”

Miniature Framed Paintings

with e ainsley
Saturday, June 15; 10am–4pm CT

Create a painterly paper sculpture while exploring two methods of papermaking: pulp painting and sculptural papermaking using a silicone mold. Start by making a silicone mold of a picture frame (outer dimensions no larger than 8 x 11 inches). Then, explore various styles of pulp painting through the use of stencils and freehand work. The pulp-painted sheet of paper is placed into the image area of the silicone mold and paper pulp is packed around the remaining area to form the frame. Once completely dry, the paper sculpture can be removed from the silicone mold to reveal a small pulp-painted work of art framed in paper pulp!  Continue reading “Miniature Framed Paintings”

Illustrated Sculptural Bookworks

with Lucy Roscoe
Saturday, July 13; 1–4pm CT

The joy of book arts is that with a few simple skills you can do extraordinary things. In this in-person workshop, we will use traditional bookbinding, paper-cutting, and folding techniques to explore how books can be used sculpturally to tell stories. These unusual storytelling artifacts are as much a ‘sculptural illustration’ as an ‘illustrated artist’s book.’ Continue reading “Illustrated Sculptural Bookworks”

Pop-Up Books: Ages 7–11

with Kate Battle
Tuesday-Friday, July 16–19; 1–4pm CT

What can we make with a simple sheet of paper? How about a pop-up! Sure, they can be complex, but we start off with easy-peasy pops. In this four-day, in-person workshop, we look at some amazing pop-up books for inspiration, then we experiment and create a whole bunch of practice pop-ups. After learning the basics, choose your favorite pop-ups, add your text and a cover, and you’ve got your very own pop-up book!

Students learn the secrets of paper engineering and basic geometry involved in this art form. They learn how to use tools like bone folders and scoring tools. Their imaginations are engaged as they visualize how one pop-up structure can be illustrated in countless ways. Design may come into play if students choose to incorporate text on the pages of their pop-up book. Continue reading “Pop-Up Books: Ages 7–11”

Narrative World Building with Interactive Structures

with Yuka Petz and Julia Sarcone-Roach
Saturday, August 10; 12–4pm CT

How can simple book structures allow us to think with our brains and hands to expand our creative brainstorming process? In this combination skill-building and idea-generating workshop, we will make three tools to grow and develop character-based backstories. Projects will include the Character Caterpillar, World Building Pocketbook, and the Exquisite Twist Book. All structures are designed to be easily added to and made again independently. Continue reading “Narrative World Building with Interactive Structures”

Design-a-Character Volvelles for Kids & Their Grown-Ups!

with Yuka Petz and Clotilde Curry
Saturday, August 17; 9:30am–12pm CT

Let’s use simple paper tools to design fun characters in this workshop for kids and their grown-ups! Volvelles are types of spinnable wheel charts. First, we will make volvelles for faces and bodies. Then we’ll mix and match the faces, heads, and bodies to create unexpected and playful characters in a simple “stick bound” album. Characters will get names and descriptions like where they live, their special abilities, and more.

This in-person workshop will be led by a mother-and-daughter team, designed after activities that they regularly enjoy together. We will prioritize kids and their grown-ups working together on creative projects. Continue reading “Design-a-Character Volvelles for Kids & Their Grown-Ups!”

Artivism: How Art Can Change the World

with Nikkolas Smith
Thursday, October 3; 6–8pm CT

Join us in welcoming visiting #1 New York Times Bestselling artist Nikkolas Smith—an Artivist, picture book creator, and Hollywood film illustrator—for an in-person workshop featuring Nikkolas’ concept of Artivism and digital-painting techniques. As an illustrator of color, Nikkolas creates art that can spark important conversations around social justice in today’s world and inspire meaningful change. 

In this workshop, Nikkolas will share his Artivism journey, then help participants identify a topic on the theme of Artivism to address in their own artwork. Nikkolas will guide participants in creating a work of art while demonstrating his process, working alongside participants. Continue reading “Artivism: How Art Can Change the World”