MCAD Collegiate Fellowship

2023 MCAD Collegiate Fellowship

MCBA is pleased to announce Ren Harris as the recipient of the 2023 MCAD Collegiate Fellowship at Minnesota Center for Book Arts!

Ren is a BFA student at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. For their two-month fellowship at MCBA this summer, Ren will be working on a carousel book with six pages detailing different activities and wildlife that are found in Brushy Creek Recreational Area, Iowa, a park Ren grew up near. The content of the book will cover activities people can access in the park, including excellent fishing in a newly-formed lake, the wildlife that make the park their home, and the future of our parks and recreational areas. “I want to make this page ask what the readers’ actions will be to help our environment,” they mentioned in their project proposal about the last page in the book.

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About the MCAD Collegiate Fellowship

The MCAD Collegiate Fellowship gives senior and graduate level students at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) the opportunity to complete an advanced project in book arts with a project stipend and access to MCBA studios.