Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

Providing access to equipment is central to MCBA’s mission. There are a variety of ways to access MCBA’s studios: Artist Collective membership, Studio Labs, and equipment rental. For occasional access to equipment, Studio Labs offer low-cost access and socially distanced fellowship with others. For those who need access outside of Studio Labs, MCBA’s equipment is available to rent hourly, by appointment only. 

To schedule an equipment rental, submit a request using the form linked below. Due to staff capacity, rentals must be scheduled in advance. Same-day rentals and walk-ins are not available. We look forward to welcoming you to the studio!

By renting equipment, you agree to read and follow MCBA’s Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols when in our studios. Thank you for keeping yourselves and our community safe and creative!




Letterpress Rental
Includes access to the print studio and presses (see list below), wood and metal type, printing tools, light table, polymer platemaker, solvents, gloves, and rags. Fee covers ink, but for larger editions, we ask individuals to supply their own ink. Individuals should supply their own paper and platemaking materials, if applicable.


          • Vandercook No. 4
          • Vandercook Universal I (2)
          • Vandercook Universal III
          • Vandercook No. 219 (2)
          • Vandercook SP20
          • Vandercook SP25
          • 19th century iron hand presses (2)
          • Platen presses (4)
          • Showcard sign press, 24” x 32”
          • Conrad etching press, 24” x 48”

Bindery Equipment Rental
Includes access to bookbinding studio, guillotine paper cutters, board shears, Kwikprint foil stampers, paper drill (drill press), backing presses, sewing frames, book cradles, nipping presses, spiral binder, table space, and hand tools. Individuals should supply their own paper, cloth, and board.

Screen Printing Rental
Includes access to screen printing studio, darkroom, power washer, light table, screen printing tables, squeegees, and printing tools. Fee covers screen use and photo emulsion. Individuals should supply their own paper or fabric, and water-based ink. No plastisol!

Papermaking Rental
Includes access to wet studio, hydraulic press, restraint dryer, Valley beater, Reina beater, cook tops, felts, moulds and deckles (various sizes). Individuals should supply their own pulp.

Marbling Rental
Includes access to wet studio, tanks (16” x 20”), alum, plexiglass sheets, combs, whisks, eye droppers, ice cube trays for paints, brushes, book board scraps, newspaper strips, squirt bottles, fans, clothespins for drying, and miscellaneous tools. Individuals should supply their own carrageenan, paper, and paints.

$20/hr (10% discount for MCBA members)
$80 per day for a multi-day rental (10% discount for MCBA members)
This rate is available to individuals renting equipment for more than one consecutive day in the studio.

Required Training
In order to keep people and equipment safe, renters must be fully trained to use MCBA’s equipment. MCBA workshops teach skills that prepare individuals to rent equipment on their own (see list below). Individuals with training from other studios or organizations are welcome! Be sure to share your experience when requesting a rental.

Below are the MCBA workshops that serve as prerequisites for equipment rentals:

Letterpress 1: Printing Basics, Letterpress 2: Setting Type, Letterpress 3: Two-Color Postcards and Letterpress 4: Editioning, or similar experience are required in order to rent letterpress equipment. If you have questions about your experience level, please email If you need letterpress experience to rent equipment, register for Letterpress 1–4, offered regularly.

Bindery Equipment Rental
Bookbinding 1: Sewn & Folded Books, Cutting Equipment Orientation

Screen Printing
Introduction to Screen Printing, Screen Print: Fabric, or Screen Print: Techniques to Take Home

European Papermaking or other papermaking workshop plus Paper Beater Training

For questions and to schedule a rental, please fill out the form linked here and via the red button above. Please allow 3–5 business days for a response.