Bookbinding Lab

Tuesdays: 5–9pm or Saturdays: 10am–4pm CT
Experience required

Bookbinding Lab provides access to basic binding tools, hot foil stamping machines, buttonmaker, and large tables. Work on your own projects alongside other artists in a friendly and supportive environment. Fee includes some consumables (small amounts of thread and PVA); supply your own book board, cloth, paper, and other needs. Studio Labs are not eligible for Certificate credit.

For those interested in using cutting equipment to cut stacks of paper with a guillotine or large sheets of paper on a board shears, please register for Cutting Equipment Lab.

Experience required: Prior training using the bindery tools and equipment you’d like to use (bonefolders, olfa knives, awls, hot foil stamping machine, etc.) is required to register. If you need introductory experience in bookbinding to register for future Bookbinding Labs, register for Bookbinding 1, offered every three or four months. For training on safe and effective use of hot foil stamping machines, register for Hot Foil Stamping on Kwikprint Machines (offered about once each year) or inquire about a one-to-one tutorial.

Registration closes 24 hours in advance. Instructions on how to enter MCBA for Studio Lab will be sent in a confirmation email once registration is complete. 

Masks are strongly recommended for program participants working close to others in MCBA’s studios. See our Covid Safety Guidelines for more information.

Tuesdays: 5–9pm CT
$35 (10% member discount)
$18 for BIPOC/Financial scholarship participants* (10% member discount)

Tuesday, June 13; 5–9pm CT

Tuesday, June 20; 5–9pm CT

Tuesday, June 27; 5–9pm CT

Tuesday, July 11; 5–9pm CT

Tuesday, July 18; 5–9pm CT

Tuesday, July 25; 5–9pm CT

Tuesday, August 8; 5–9pm CT

Tuesday, August 15; 5–9pm CT

Tuesday, August 22; 5–9pm CT

Saturdays: 10am–4pm CT
$50 (10% member discount)
$25 for BIPOC/Financial scholarship participants* (10% member discount)

Saturday, June 10; 10am–4pm CT

Saturday, August 5; 10am–4pm CT

*MCBA offers two scholarship types for Studio Labs—Financial Hardship Scholarships and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Scholarships—to honor equity and increase access and artistic opportunities for those who have historically been underrepresented in the book arts. For individuals to whom these scholarships do not apply, register at the Adult rate and, if you are able, consider making a donation when registering to support MCBA’s efforts to make scholarships available.