Artist-in-Residence Program

Current Artists-in-Residence:

Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) is pleased to announce the next participants in our Artist-in-Residence program: Printmaker and papermaker Megan Burchett and printmaker and fiber artist Maddie Zerkel.

Project summary and artist bios:

Megan Burchett and Maddie Zerkel will collaborate on Air Tight, a monumental sculptural book that incorporates papermaking, printmaking and weaving. This book will be comprised of three-dimensional paper forms and printed, woven, and embedded sheets of handmade paper. The scale of the project will align the piece with sculpture as much as it does with a book —about two by four feet on the ground, and three feet tall. Air Tight references a compressed sample of some kind— a geologic block that’s been unearthed, making visible years of buried history.

Megan Burchett incorporates printmaking, papermaking, bookbinding and textile processes into her practice. Her work examines creative labor and its relationship to danger, survival, and healing. Megan received a BFA in Printmaking from Cornell University in 2008 and MFA in Printmaking & Book Arts from the University of Georgia in 2017. She has worked in several print shops on the east coast including Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Asheville Bookworks, and Supergraphic in Durham, NC.

Maddie Zerkel is an artist from and currently residing in Athens, Georgia. Her work includes printmaking, weaving, and dyeing processes, but she is excited about utilizing and manipulating unconventional materials. She plays with the relationship between common household objects and the body, often examining concepts like dimensionality and functionality. Maddie received her BFA in Fabric Design from the University of Georgia in 2015.

About MCBA’s Artist-in-Residence Program

MCBA’s Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program is designed to support selected artists by providing financial and community resources, space, and access to equipment to assist in the creation and promotion of their work. Residencies may be from two weeks to three months in duration. Participation in the program is based on the artistic merit of proposed projects as well as the degree to which artists further MCBA’s artistic mission: to lead the advancement of the book as an evolving art form. MCBA envisions a world where book art is created, cultivated, celebrated and understood as a vital and lasting expression of culture. While integrating the elements of papermaking, bookbinding, printing, typography and graphic design, MCBA supports the limitless creative evolution of the book format.

Residency Periods

MCBA typically offers residencies in the Spring (January–April) and Summer (May–August) of each calendar year. Duration of a residency can be from 2 weeks to 3 months and is at the discretion of the artist, but should be based on the scope of their proposal.


MCBA houses well-equipped letterpress, binding and papermaking studios. The print studio features nine Vandercook proof presses, two iron hand presses, six platen presses, two etching presses and a sign press. The print studio also has a well-stocked composing room with wood and metal type, a variety of press bases and a photopolymer platemaker. The bindery is outfitted with a variety of cutting equipment and houses a drill press, nipping presses, finishing presses and sewing frames. Two papermaking studios provide space for wet work and include vats, felts, hydraulic presses, and drying systems. Three paper beaters are available for preparing fiber along with basic equipment for Western- and Eastern-style sheet formation. MCBA also has equipment for traditional marbling, hot stamping, leather tooling, wood engraving, screen printing, and alternative photographic techniques. The Shop, MCBA’s retail outlet, also offers a variety of supplies for printmaking, papermaking, and binding.

Selection Process and Criteria

Applications and supporting materials will be reviewed by MCBA staff and panelists from the book arts community. A variety of factors will be used to assess residency candidates. Basic criteria are listed below. These elements should be clearly articulated in the candidate’s letter of intent, project description, artist statement and resume. They should also be supported by work submitted for visual review.

  • Technical expertise as demonstrated through the artist’s body of work and practical experience
  • The specificity and clarity of artistic goals as expressed through the artist’s project description and artist statement
  • The degree to which the residency benefits the artist’s further development
  • A readiness by the artist to engage with MCBA’s community
  • An understanding of and willingness to work in a shared-studio environment
  • MCBA’s ability to offer support and equipment needed for project

Artist-in-Residence Benefits

  • $2000 stipend for supplies, travel and/or living expenses
  • 24-hour access to MCBA facilities and equipment, including a dedicated AIR studio with a press, cutting equipment and storage space
  • Consignment opportunity through The Shop at MCBA (acceptance of consignment works is at the discretion of Shop staff.)
  • Exhibition opportunities
  • Support from a community of working artists

Artist-in-Residence Responsibilities

  • Provide his/her own materials for work
  • Keep facilities and equipment clean and undertake regular maintenance and organizational tasks required for communal studio use
  • When possible, establish regular work hours. A final project calendar should be submitted to MCBA at the beginning of the residency term
  • Demonstrate a willingness to conduct demonstrations and/or participate in MCBA programming such as tours, exhibition openings and Book Arts Roundtable presentations
  • For artwork created in residence at MCBA, submit samples for the MCBA archive. The form of sample is negotiable based on the type of work created while in residence. Any material accepted shall be considered a donation and become the property of MCBA.

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