Bound/Unbound: Regula Russelle

Regula Russelle

























wondering / seeking / listening / remembering / blessing
handmade paper with cotton and abaca fibers; letterpress printing
Each vessel: 3.5″ diameter x 2.25″
$35 for individual vessels (not editioned)

“Since the early 1990s, I’ve been happily working with books and with paper—alone and with others.

I enjoy making tiny books and zines for wide and unencumbered distribution. I also love making paper bowls. I attach threads of text to their inside walls. I think these bowls have a lot in common with books. Touch is an important dimension of the work.

And what about content? The central themes in my work are the central questions in my life. How do we shape a day, a week, our communal life? How can we participate in the repairing of the world?”


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