Eleanore Ramsey

Eleanore Ramsey

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La Prose du Transsibérien Re-creation

Size of binding

120 x 394 x 46 mm (4.75 x 15.5 x 1.8 in.)


Various leathers

Description of binding

My primary concern was to view the work of Cendrars and Delaunay as a whole, a joint product of their collaboration.

I created a structure which includes an attachment that allows the text to be hung and be seen in full. It may also be viewed in accordion format. The project is housed in a full leather box which includes compartments to contain the text and accompanying booklet.

The covering leather of the box is tooled with leathers of various textures and colors to create a landscape design, as might be seen on a railroad journey, as well as impressed railroad tracks traveling through the fields reflecting the text of the poem. The design extends across the ends and all sides of the box. It opens diagonally in two parts with a magnetic closure, and is titled on the spine in gold with a compass rose, a further reference to travel.

Artist bio

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree, Eleanore Ramsey began working for a rare book dealer near Chicago, where she developed a strong interest in bookbinding. She began studies in English bookbinding with Dr. Harry Green in 1975 and continued her studies in fine binding with Barbara Hiller in the French tradition of fine bookbinding. She has been exhibiting her work, teaching fine binding and accepting commissions in her San Francisco studio since 1980.  Her work has received many awards, and may be found in national and international collections.

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