Erin Fletcher

Erin Fletcher

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La Prose du Transsibérien Re-creation

Size of binding

98 x 187 x 34 mm (3.86 x 7.36 x 1.34 in)


Buffalo and goatskin, cotton and metallic embroidery floss, moon gold, palladium, handmade abaca paper and colored pencil

Description of binding

The design flourished from one particular line in Cendrars’ poem: Les comètes tombent/the comets fall. A star map began to build around this phrase, pulling in other elements from the text. The border is inspired by the domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square. At the center, a comet is racing across the Trans-Siberian Railway, with a face that resembles the original train engine. Constellations fill the map with imagery plucked from the protagonist’s observations: train towers of Moscow, his female companion, the slender silver lily and the Legend of Novgorod. Inside the binding is a colorful depiction of Kitty Maryatt’s original sketches of Delaunay’s pochoir at the start of her research to recreate this landmark work.

Artist bio

In 2012, Erin Fletcher opened Herringbone Bindery in South Boston, shortly after graduating from the full-time Bookbinding program at North Bennet Street School. Erin teaches workshops for adults at NBSS in the Continuing Education department and for kids in the Middle School Book Arts Program. She also teaches workshops across the country. Erin’s design binding work has been exhibited both domestically and internationally. Her work is among both private and institutional collections including, Boston Athenaeum, University of Virginia and University of Minnesota.



Prospective buyers: please contact Kitty Maryatt at Books purchased will be delivered to the purchaser at the end of the touring exhibition.


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