Kitty Maryatt

Kitty Maryatt

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La Prose du Transsibérien Re-creation

Deluxe Edition

Size of binding

381 x 216 x 16 mm (15 x 8.5 x .625 in)


Aluminum covers, brass wire, aluminum sleeves, brass rod, goatskin leather, Winter America bookcloth, acrylics, paper, magnets

Description of binding

The pochoir production techniques for the re-creation of La Prose inspired this editioned binding created for the deluxe edition. The brushed aluminum covers reveal swirling brush marks that echo the pochoir brush actions to make the imagery in La Prose. The cover images, inspired by Sonia Delaunay’s painting for La Prose, are painted with acrylics in the same colors and treatment as the vellum covers for the regular edition. The images are revealed through CNC-routed cut-outs in the aluminum, like the cut-outs in the edition’s pochoir plates. The covers are hinged with brass rods inside aluminum sleeves and are connected with brass wire. The book rests in a red goatskin-covered tray, lined with bookcloth. Magnets secure the covers. The aluminum book rests in a clamshell box.

The deluxe edition includes the following extras bound into a separate red case: a set of fifteen color charts, fifteen of Sonia’s visual vocabulary cards, twenty-eight progressives for page one, a set of five pochoir plates, the list of the thirty typefaces Blaise used in his poem, the introduction/colophon booklet and the vellum cover. The clamshell box holding the aluminum book and the red case are housed in a larger clamshell box.

Artist bio

Kitty Maryatt received a grant in 1981 to study fine binding with Hugo Peller at Centro del bel Libro in Ascona while she was getting her MFA at UCLA in graphic design (1983). She has studied with many fine binders over the years. She was Director of the Scripps College Press for thirty years which published sixty books that Kitty made with her students, who wrote the texts, made imagery, hand typeset, printed by letterpress, and hand bound editions of fifty to one hundred copies every semester. She has published and bound her own artist books, most recently Figure of Speech. Her books can be found at the Newberry Library, Stanford University, UCLA, the Getty Research Institute, and Harvard University. Since her retirement in June 2016 she has been working full-time on La Prose du Transsiberien Re-Creation.



Prospective buyers: please contact Kitty Maryatt at Books purchased will be delivered to the purchaser at the end of the touring exhibition.


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