New Editions 2023 Artists

New Editions 2023 Artists


Christopher Alday (he/him) is a Southern Californian Latinx who moved to the Midwest to study printmaking. In 2013, he received a BFA in Print Paper Book & an MA in Graphic and Web Design in 2023 from the Minneapolis College of Art of Design. He was awarded the 2014-2015 Jerome Emerging Printmakers Residency hosted at Highpoint Center for Printmaking and a 2017 Minnesota Center for Book Arts Summer Artist in Residency. He works primarily with screenprint and letterpress printing but has been known to make a collage from time to time. Also, he may not exist.
Instagram: @_hurlyburly_

allison anne (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota (unceded Očhéthi Šakówiŋ land), working in a variety of mediums including collage, zinemaking, publishing, and graphic design. The core of their practice is handcut paper collage—a constantly evolving exploration of experience and emotion through the reconstitution and rearranging of various printed media and ephemera. By recontexualizing images and materials, allison seeks to create complex textural, intuitive abstractions, and configurations which prioritize that which is found, discarded, and left behind, exploring the intersections and interactions between context, materiality, and creativity.
Instagram: @allisonannecollage

Fiona Avocado (they/them) is a Pittsburgh-based visual artist, educator, organizer, and writer. Fiona has been an active working artist since 2010, publishing comics and zines, creating illustrations, making prints, and assembling textile pieces using upcycled materials. Fiona received their BA in Arts and Humanities and Professional Writing from Michigan State University and their MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University. Fiona is a member of Lavender Estero Print Studio, the co-President of the Pittsburgh Print Group, the founder/organizer of the Itty Bitty Print Exchange, and a Fulbright Awardee to Argentina for 2024.
Instagram: @fiona_avocado

Catrielle Barnett (she/they) is a Minneapolis-based interdisciplinary artist and designer. She explores various societal themes, including emotional states of mind and injustice. Her work spans a variety of mediums, including fiber, printmaking, painting, metals, and clay. Her work has been awarded and exhibited nationally at the 2022 Scholastic National Art Exhibition, 2023 YoungArts Week, and the 2023 NCECA Ceramic Conference. She was also an arts semi-finalist in the 2023 U.S. Presidential Scholars program. In the spring of 2023, her high school senior portfolio walked in Minnesota Fashion Week. Catrielle is pursuing a degree in Fashion with a concentration in Fibers at Savannah College of Art and Design.
Instagram: @catrielle_creates

Rachel Barns (she/her, United Kingdom) is an interdisciplinary artist from Norwich, UK. She currently works predominantly with text and textiles and enjoys creating sculptural and book-inspired works. She is influenced by the world around her, personal histories, memory and nature. Working from home, she constrains herself to methods which can be carried out from her dining table or sofa. Her work has been described as riotous, playful and curious. She aims to produce work that she enjoys making and hopes others can find some enjoyment in it too.

Harriet Bart (she/her, Minnesota) creates evocative content through the narrative power of objects, the theater of installation, and the intimacy of artists books. She has a deep and abiding interest in the personal and cultural expression of memory; it is at the core of her work. Using bronze and stone, wood and paper, books and words, everyday and found objects, Bart’s work signifies a site, marks an event, and draws attention to imprints of the past as they live in the present.

Michael Beachy (he/him, Minnesota) has been working in self-publishing comics for the last decade. He creates web-published comics as well as physically printed work. He also creates animation and self-produced a short he wrote, voice acted, and directed.
Instagram: @michael_beachy

Adelaide Blair (she/her, Seattle, WA) is a project-based artist whose research-centered practice allows her to interact with and learn about the world. She is interested in distributed intelligence, and many of her projects involve elements of collaboration or participation. Her subject matter has included ghosts, artificial intelligence, the Greek tragedy Philoctetes, reproductive terms used in printmaking, the Dirty War in Argentina, and networks of corruption in the contemporary art world. She has a Substack newsletter, Sell the Painting, where she mostly writes about the financialization of art, but also uses that space for experimental artmaking and other forms of art writing. Originally from Southern Oregon, Adelaide resides in Seattle, Washington and has an MFA from The Pacific Northwest College of Art.
Instagram: @adelaide_blair

Maddy Buck (she/her) is a writer and artist from Minnesota. She uses comics and graphic memoir to explore prestige culture and explain often-inaccessible legal concepts. Her graphic writing has been featured in The Rumpus, Graphic Medicine, and the American Illustration Online Archive.
Instagram: @itsmaddybuck

Alexandra Chappell (she/her) is a letterpress printmaker living in southern California. Words and letterforms are central to her work. She prints words, considers the design of letterforms in her compositions, and uses wood and metal type to create patterns and imagery. Throughout her daily life she collects words and phrases that catch her ear for their poetry, whether or not their author intended them to be heard that way. She is particularly interested in capturing the accidental poetry of science, mathematics, and technical writing in her prints.
Instagram: @akc47

Cow Tipping Press (Minnesota) teaches and publishes writing by people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, giving audiences a new way to think about this rich and underrepresented form of human diversity.
Instagram: @cowtippingpress

Otto Dettmer (he/him, France) is a graphic artist, screen printer and book artist. He has been making screen printed artists books since 1996, and has been exhibiting at artists’ book fairs in the UK, Germany, France and the US. So far, Otto has published around 100 titles. His aim is to develop and refine the practice in order to produce innovative work. As a book artist he is primarily interested in graphics and alternative narratives. When making a book, he works on all its aspects as a unit, combining book form, content, printing and binding. In 2019, Otto won the V O Stomps Förderpreis, Mainzer Minipressenmesse, Gutenberg Museum for the titles Camino de Santiago, Voyage Fantastic, We Will Rule The World. In 2020, he moved from the UK to Brittany where he set up a screen printing and book making workshop.
Instagram: @ottographic

Erin Dorney (she/her) is a writer and artist based in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Her writing has been published in Autofocus, HAD, and Tolka, among other places. Her literary artwork and installations have been featured at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Hennepin Theatre Trust, and Susquehanna Art Museum. Erin is the co-founder of Fear No Lit, has made 11 zines since 2017, and has published one book of poetry (I Am Not Famous Anymore: Poems After Shia LaBeouf, Mason Jar Press, 2018).
Instagram: @erindorney

Emily Dzieweczynski (she/they, Twin Cities, MN) is a new media artist, science communicator, and writer. Their work questions the intersection of science, art, and technology—with particular interest in how those veins cross at the concept of empathy. Emily holds BAs in Psychological Science and Studio Art from Gustavus Adolphus College and studied Fine Arts Media at the Slade School of Fine Art. Their work takes the form of drawing, printmaking, writing, and new media; including code, virtual reality, 3D modeling, web-based media, sound, and video. Their work has been shown at the Target Gallery, the American Swedish Institute, Rosalux Gallery, Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Gustavus Adolphus College, and the School of Visual Arts in New York. They have received funding through the National Science Foundation, the Minnesota State Arts Board, Springboard for the Arts, and Gustavus Adolphus College. Emily works in communications at the Bell Museum and as a studio manager at Second Shift Studio Space.
Instagram: @Em.Dzzz

ellbeedee (they/them) is a queer poet and witch from Minneapolis, MN. They make work inspired by their dreams, their magic, and their world. As a nonbinary adult finding their way in the artistic community, their creations reflect their experiences as someone who doesn’t fit into any distinct category of identity or medium. Currently, they reside near St. Paul with their fiancé, and have been focusing on embroidery and textile arts alongside their writing endeavors.
Instagram: @ellbeedee17

Essence Enwere is queer & black graphic designer, photographer, and book artist based in the Twin Cities focused on typography, social commentary, and deep connections to humanity. Essence’s goal is to create work that provokes social impact and sparks conversation; Essence aims to make the audience reflect and start a dialogue with themselves. As a whole Essemce is about expanding on what people have never seen before, creating new insights and conversations, and doing so with high integrity.
Instagram: @e_bylon

Lillianys Medina Escobar (she/her), is a puertorrican artist based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She completed a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Puerto Rico. She has published in Revista Trasunto, Periódico Claridad, and in numerous independent publications in her country. Her first collection of poems, Palestra, was published in 2020. She is dedicated to writing, book arts and printmaking from her home studio, Taller Mocasines.
Instagram: @tallermocasines

Wendy Fernstrum (she/her) is a writer and visual artist. The artists’ books that she creates range from installations to small devotional books featuring poems by mystics. She often combines various techniques, including letterpress, intaglio, monoprinting and screen printing, depending on the content and concept of the book. Wendy has received numerous awards, grants and residencies, and her work is exhibited and collected internationally. She resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Magdéleine Ferru (she/her) is a French photographer/book artist who chose to study photography in Montréal. She then decided to travel the world. She exhibited “Tokyo dans mon Keitai” in Tokyo in 2009 (under the patronage of the French Embassy) and showed her photos during festivals and exhibitions internationally (Chambre07, La Fontaine Obscure in Arles, Polaroid festival, Valdez Museum, Gallery Le Lac Gelé, etc.). She explores feelings, matters, and existence from her own experiences: body/identity, human nature, time passing, and the natural world. Her projects are more and more brought to life through hand-made unique art books or different plastic art techniques; she up-cycles, makes, creates, mixing matter in her visual work.

Emily Fritts (she/they) comes from Beaver Dam, WI, and lives in Saint Paul, MN. Her art examines personal aspects of her life, including an upbringing in poverty, trauma, and navigating adolescence. Fritts works primarily by mixing media, incorporating imagery representative of real memories, and using found objects in her compositions to create a sense of reality. Fritts has been featured in 20+ exhibitions including the Trout Museum of Art’s 2022 Contemporary Exhibition, The Racine Museum of Art’s Watercolor Wisconsin 2022 exhibition, Solidarity Street Gallery’s Faces of our Communities, and many others. Additionally, she has had work published in sources such as Wrath and Love Magazine, Lost/Found Edgewood College’s Creative Arts Magazine, The Little Book Project’s Artists IRL, Moody x Butterfly Collective Trans Joy Zine, etc.
Instagram: @frittsart

Evie Giaconia (she/her) is a queer multimedia artist and writer. Her work is inspired by myth, queerness, medieval history, and the natural world. Her current artistic passions include printmaking and creating articulated paper dolls. Evie resides in Gainesville, Florida, where she works in a library and is often found knitting and reading interesting books turned in by patrons.
Instagram: @asterionarts

Xena Goldman (she/her) is a painter, muralist, illustrator, comic artist and educator. As someone who struggles with ADHD and working memory deficits, Xena found how-to zine making as a solution to help retain information she learned. In doing so, she could teach herself and others by breaking information into simple terminology, and have a resource to look back on when she forgets. Drawing upon a background in fine arts, education and language, these zines have been the perfect combination of her skills and desire to share her passion for cycling, especially with others who may have also felt discouraged in the past. She graduated with a BA in Art from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) and currently works freelance in art and art education. She grew up in the greater Chicago area, on Ojibwa, Odawa and Potawatomi land, and lives in Minneapolis, on Dakota and Anishinaabe land. In no particular order, she identifies as female, white, queer, Jewish, neurodivergent and a forever learner.
Instagram: @XenaStuff

Emer Griffin (she/her) is a printmaker and mixed media artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She grew up moving frequently and has spent time on both coasts, as well as in the desert and on the prairie before settling down by the lakes. Emer finds inspiration in the natural world, in the interactions between living things and their environment and how they shape each other.
Instagram: @emerkateq

Alexa Gross (she/they, US) is a printmaker fascinated by the mind, emotions, and experiences. She grew up in the Bay Area (CA), attended Wellesley College (MA), and currently lives New York City (NY). Their work stems from the experiences and stories of their mother and grandmother. She explores maternal relationships, barriers in communication, cultural differences, and intergenerational memory through artist books, zines, and prints.
Instagram: @alexagrossart

Madeline Helland (she/her) is a Los Angeles based bookbinder, letterpress printer, and illustrator. She graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, CA where she received her BA in art conservation and studio art, with a concentration in book arts and digital design. Under the moniker Aviatrix Press, she releases artist books and zines featuring found ephemera and her illustrations. When she’s not making books, Madeline works as a studio technician at Otis College of Art & Design’s Lab Press, where she spends her days enjoying the company of historic type and printing presses.
Instagram: @aviatrixpress

History-Papers (Lex Thompson, he/him, Minnesota) publishes paper products for shelf and wall inspired by historical texts and narratives deserving of greater recognition. History-Papers’ books re-present texts in a newly designed format that is grounded in the period of the writing, but invested with contemporary design and materiality. Their wallpapers relate to their companion book texts with a shared visual iconography and symbolic reference in the patterns. They are designed to be used individually or as entire roomsets that can bring a period sensibility for wall treatments into both the historic and contemporary home or business.
Instagram: @history.papers

Myungah Hyon (현명아) (she/her) is an artist and educator from Seoul, Korea, currently living in Chicago, IL. She often attempts to connect and interact directly with the viewer through her artwork. She is interested in combining incomplete, partial fragments she encounters daily. This symbolizes our society, where we cooperate, relate, and depend on one another despite each being totally unique. Her published works include Kaleido_Book, Candor Arts (2020) and Book Book, DREAMERfty (2017). She is an adjunct professor of Printmedia at SAIC.
Instagram: @hyunmyung_artistbook

kuwa jasiri lndomela (first name/beauty/theirs, New Mexico) is an intersex, multilingual Ghanaian artistic community organizer who educates internationally through zines, writing, Seed stewardship, and majick. Beauty is shaped from the compassion, patient storytelling and cultural sharing of Diné Elders, and carries these ideals into their work as a birthworker. kuwa jaisiri’s zines are found in prestigious places across Turtle Island including the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust LAND BACK ZINE COLLECTION, Broken Pencil 2021 Zine Awards, and in The Joyner Library at East Carolina University.

Frankie (she/her) and Sophia (she/her) of Kaleid Zine met in high school at the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, where they conspired to start a zine to capture the cool art their peers were making. They bonded over their love for theater, food, music, collaging, and Eastern European groceries as they became good friends as well as collaborators. Frankie goes to school in Bar Harbor, Maine, while Sophia goes to school in Chicago.
Instagram: @kaleidzine

Seth Karp (he/him) is a Saint Paul-based literary translator, comic artist, zinester, and nudibranch enthusiast. His work reflects a deep love of the absurd, as well as his interests in zoology, foreign languages, and international genre fiction. When he’s not translating Chinese fantasy novels or coming up with his own content, he can typically be found rendering each individual strand of shoulder hair on an unflatteringly exaggerated self-portrait with loving attention to detail. He hopes to create a wider audience for his work, and to start (and finish) more ambitious projects over the next few years.
Instagram: @sethkarp

Kena Kitchengs (she/her) is an artist living and working in Mexico. Her main interest is artists’ books, both as a creator and researcher. She has delved into printmaking, bookbinding, ceramics and some textile arts, all of which she usually then ends up applying to new artists’ books. One of her favorite activities is turning ideas, concepts, stories and myths into book form, effectively using the structure of the book itself as a narrative device. Animals also tend to take center stage in her work.
Instagram: @kitchengs

Low Kling (aka Yolow Zines, they/them) is a Mixed Race Asian American, queer creator living on occupied Dakota and Anishinaabe land in so-called Minneapolis, Minnesota. They specialize in zines about cats, biking, death, and food. Many of their zines are collaborative projects, mostly partnering with Queer, Trans, BIPOC artists. In addition to designing, writing, and editing zines, they love consulting with artists to manage their zine projects.
Instagram: @yolowzines

Doris (Qinyan) Liu (she/her) is a graphic designer/artist based in NYC. While her practice goes across multiple media and disciplines, she is mostly a book maniac. Believing in the power of physicality in the digital age, she enjoys creating enchanting experiences of reading and viewing. She is also obsessed with storytelling and fiction-making with objects, places, symbols and memories, and weaves her personal writing and photography into the realm of design. Throughout all her work, she endeavors to communicate layered narratives that resonate with all types of audiences and push the boundaries of design.
Instagram: @shirorie_3

Stuart Loughridge (pronounced Lock-ridge) (he/him) is a full-time painter and printmaker based in Saint Paul. He carries with him a small watercolor kit which he uses to capture the scenes around him, and these little gems are the seeds for more thoughtful works of art created in the studio. He is fascinated by composition and drawing. Stuart primarily paints landscapes (truthful and imaginary), and also portraits.
Instagram: @Stuartloughridge

Robert McGrady (he/him) is an artist from Minneapolis, MN. He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2020 with a degree in Studio Art and Theatre. His work consists of printmaking, illustration, and performance. He has a background in editorial cartoons and comics, which he applies to his fine art practice. He draws from archetypal imagery to cast a critical lens towards masculinity and queer identity.
Instagram: @_robertmcgrady

Bridget McGraw (she/her) spent her first 29 years in Minneapolis. She then lived and worked in New York City, Australia, The Philippines, Canada, and Kenya before finding a home-sweet-home in Oakland. She co-edits the Guild of Book Workers bimonthly newsletter. Unanswerable questions lurk in her work. Can a 21st-century book artist transform thoughts and materials that emerged from the minds, hands, and machines of our ancestors into compelling artwork? How might the exactitude of digital tools and processes prompt people to appreciate the fragility of materiality and the strength of ideas? Most of her bookworks pay homage to—or grapple with—the notion of subjectivity and truth. Even as people become more reliant on untrustworthy digital infrastructures that pretend to proffer truth, humans remain mammals seeking facts.
Instagram: @thingfully

Evan McHenry (they/them) is a non-binary punk and interdisciplinary artist from Minneapolis, MN. Their work is centered around the exploration of sense of self and the beauty and hardships of life as queer and radical. Like their identity, their work does not fit into neat boxes. Their work is focused in printmaking and sculpture based around grief and loss of all kinds. They also have an ongoing zine practice that ranges from intensely personal to historical and political.
Instagram: @carpet.technician

Gabe McHenry (he/him) is a gay trans artist and archivist from Minneapolis. His interdisciplinary practice centers around printmaking, analog photography, book arts, and installation. Much of his work revolves around queer identity, intimacy, and desire and provides joyful visions of how queer folks can exist without attempting to conform to hetero-cis-normative standards. He strives to honor our queer elders through taking a historically informed approach to his art and sharing underrepresented stories through the use of archival materials.
Instagram: @ink.and.silver

Hannah Moog (she/her) is an artist and illustrator from Burke, Virginia. She graduated with a BFA in General Fine Arts and a minor in Book Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Spring 2021. Hannah works in a variety of mediums to bring her whimsical characters into the physical world, often utilizing book arts and garments to do so. She makes humorous, intimate and interactive work with the intention of immersing her audience in her imagined world that is full of mysterious but caring characters. Her work is influenced by folk art, quilting traditions, and hugs.
Instagram: @h_moog

Erin Moore (they/them) is a printmaker and designer from Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. In 2022 they graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Printmaking and a Book Arts Minor. Their printmaking practice is largely research-based, working with found typography and images from queer archives. They have worked with Second State Press, Globe Collection and Press, and Women’s Studio Workshop. They are based in Portland, Oregon.
Instagram: @bugprints

Rumpelstiltskin Morgan (they/them) is a neurodivergent social practice artist currently living on unceded Haudenosaunee land, also known as Syracuse, NY. Engaging facilitated gatherings, text based methodologies, and dog agility, they work with re-socialization and shaping as a way of developing sustained ecological consciousness; the awareness and intention of interconnectivity of beings that influences decision making. They are the founder of the Companion Species Artist Gathering Series, and co-founder of the Visual Arts Experimental Garden + Lab (VAEG). Morgan received an MFA in Studio Arts from Syracuse University in 2023 and a BFA from Rutgers University in 2017. Their work has been featured in publications by Lint Art Collective and Pinky Thinker Press.
Instagram: @rampractice

Morphic Rooms is a collaborative collage laboratory founded in 2021 by allison anne (they/them, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) and Jeremy P. Bushnell (he/him, Dedham, Massachusetts, USA). They produce layered, abstract work that utilizes systematic parameters, creative rulesets, chance operations, and collaborative interplay as tools for radically reimagining a collection of images, texts, ephemera, and detritus, drawn from centuries of cultural accretion and mechanical reproduction. Together, they support the expansion of the public domain, cast a critical eye on the mechanisms of capitalized acquisition, aspire to produce convivial tools for the making of art, and work to make these tools accessible to all.
Instagram: @morphicrooms

Bea Morrow (she/her) is a queer and trans book artist from Minneapolis, MN. She crafts narratives around her life in gender transition, love, and spirituality through her photography and poetry. The main subject of Bea’s photography is light, as it ties intimately to her poetic observations. Creating books about being a trans woman is a crucial part of her activism, as she hopes her books can be a valuable resource for the trans women who come to follow. Bea lives in Minneapolis with her partner and lots of plant children.
Instagram: @bea.morrow

Ellen Mueller (she/her) has exhibited nationally and internationally as an interdisciplinary artist exploring issues related to the environment and capitalism as it affects daily life. She lives and works in Minneapolis, MN, received her MFA from University of South Florida, and has authored multiple zines, artist books, and textbooks.
Instagram: @ellenmmueller

Scott K. Murphy (he/him) is a book artist who, under the nom de plume The Befuddled Press, produces handmade paper, artist books, broadsides, and photographs exploring the beauty, absurdity, simplicity, and complexity of existence. His often philosophical artwork combines traditional bookmaking techniques, like letterpress printing and hand-papermaking, with contemporary digital technologies. The combination of digital and analog methods is used to create artworks that have a textural quality, providing an experience for the hands as well as the eyes. You can find his work in more than thirty-five public collections, mostly in library special collections. He lives with his partner and cats in a secure, undisclosed location in central Minnesota.
Instagram: @befuddledpress

Lisa Nebenzahl (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist from Minneapolis, MN. Her work explores fragility, resilience, loss, persistence and the passage of time using shadow, light and manipulation of the natural world of plants, flowers, water and sky. Through her practice, Lisa seeks to affirm the beauty and melancholy of change and express the temporal nature of life. Her work embraces chance and surprise, weaving these elements into her practice as she observes and responds to the natural world. Lisa is a 2020 McKnight Book Arts fellow and a three-time recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative grant.
Instagram: @lisanebenzahl

Vanessa “Nessa” Nguyễn (she/they) is a Vietnamese-American illustrator & designer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Nessa’s work focuses on their Vietnamese upbringing and how we can bond cross-culturally over food, cheeky designs, intergenerational healing, and self-awareness. By staying true to their personal journey growing up in a first-generation immigrant household, Nessa’s relatable storytelling inspires us to be real with ourselves and each other by exploring themes of diaspora, playfulness, and vulnerability. In their spare time, they can be found scouring Chinatown for the tastiest dumpling deals.
Instagram: @nessafiesta

Angelica Ong (she/her, any pronouns) is a Singaporean artist working primarily in photography and bookmaking. Two main aspects of her practice are slow art and language. She is intrigued by ephemera, the human body, everyday subject matter (like trees, birds, eggs, and light), multilingualism, and translation. Effusing fragility and a meditative quality, her work acts as pause, breath, and space, inviting the audience to wander, examine the world closely, and discover monumentality in minutiae. Angelica seeks to decentralize the primacy of the English language through providing titles in multiple languages, which are oftentimes not translations of each other. Ong has exhibited work in solo and group shows at SAIC SITE Sharp Gallery (Chicago), W. Gallery (Chicago), Mana Contemporary (Chicago), and starch (Singapore) and has been named one of the Top 26 to Watch for the Lenscratch Student Prize 2023.
Instagram: @catchingsunlight_

Monica Ong (she/her) is the author of Silent Anatomies, winner of the Kore Press First Book Award. A Kundiman poetry fellow, Ong’s visual poetry is exhibited widely at special collections and galleries including the Center for Book Arts (NYC) and the Poetry Foundation (Chicago). Planetaria, her recent exhibition of visual art, has been exhibited at the POETRY Foundation and the Hunterdon Art Museum. You can find her work in POETRY Magazine, Scientific American, Tab Journal, and ctrl+v. In 2021, Ong founded Proxima Vera, a micropress specializing in literary art & objects, which are now part of many distinguished institutional collections worldwide.
Instagram: @proximavera

Founded in 2020, Paranoid Tree Press (Minnesota) is a monthly zine publication, specializing in fully illustrated micro-stories. Their tiny team of four publishes flash fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction with the specific goal of paying all of their artists and writers. Through a monthly subscription community, they’re able to make this goal happen. Their story submissions will always be open and will always be free.
Instagram: @paranoidxtree

Simone Parker (she/her) is a collage artist and poet. She is Jewish, bisexual, and unapologetically midwestern. Her recent work has appeared in Tusitala, the winnow, and the independently published Poets Igniting Change Zine. She has been a featured poet at the Poetry Foundation’s The Open Door reading series in Chicago. She lives in Minneapolis.
Instagram: @singedfingers

LM Pederson (they/them) is a North Dakotan digital artist who makes zines, lucky charms, tarot decks, vending machines, and all manner of illustrated works. Most of their creations are aimed to be something people delight in finding or that adds a little mystery and magic to one’s day. Their work draws inspiration from gothic cathedrals, dusty Zoltar machines, sword and sorcery, anime, and fortune telling.
Instagram: @resubee

G. Picconatto (they/them) is a queer jack-of-all-trades, but they are a scientist by academic study. They moonlight as a poet and a creator of silly zines (mostly about monsters). Picconatto features their work primarily on their Instagram, but they have work on the website TransJoy and an article in Forensic Science International. Picconatto lives in Minneapolis with their beloved canine companion, Bailey AKA Pig.
Instagram: @pisces_witxh

Molly Poganski (she/her) is a letterpress printer and graphic designer originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She learned to print while earning a BFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University, and has sixteen years of printing and design experience. She works as the Studio Technician at MCBA. She is a cyclist, two-step enthusiast, musician, avid home cook, mama, and identifies as a hugger. She runs a hobby print shop, Dandy Horse Press, from her basement in South Minneapolis.
Instagram: @dandyhorsepress

Alex Prince (she/her, Minnesota), also known as “The Art of A Prince” is a Twin Cities mixed-media artist. Her work primarily explores the colors, products, and stories found in catalogs, magazines, and cookbooks from the 1940s–1960s. In these printed materials, themes of family, home life, and beauty are always present. Just recently, animals and plants have also become special subjects of interest in her work. All of these themes make frequent appearances in Alex’s prints, collages, and paintings.
Instagram: @theartofaprince

Bethany Rahn (she/they) is an artist, designer, and educator originally from Madison, WI. Her interdisciplinary approach to design often explores concepts of identity and addresses concerns within our contemporary society. Rahn received her MFA from Indiana University in Graphic Design. Her work has been shown in various group and solo exhibitions across the United States. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Art and Art History Department at St. Catherine University and teaches letterpress workshops at Minnesota Center for Book Arts.
Instagram: @bethanycrahn

Cindy Rinne (she/her) is a fiber artist, poet, and performer who lives in San Bernardino, CA. Cindy enjoys the immediacy of zines as an expression of magical realism using mixed media. She is a storyteller for ancient/present voices inspired by nature and cultures around the world. Her zines include: “Find My Place in the Groovy World,” “Distress,” “possible futures,” “Sadness/Wonder,” and more. Cindy is the author of several poetry books: Dancing Through the Fire Door, Guided Journeys of Poetry and Art (forthcoming, Nauset Press), The Feather Ladder (Picture Show Press), and more. Her visual poetry appeared in: Stirring Lit, swifts & slows, Unpsychology Magazine Aji Magazine, among others.
Instagram: @fiberverse

Taylor Robers (she/her, Minnesota) is an interdisciplinary artist with roots in drawing, sculpture, land art, zines, photography, and sound. She seeks to restore our relationships with forests by bringing our attention to the organisms and relationships that support these ecosystems. Her work has been shown at the Minneapolis Institute for Art, Gamut Gallery, and CEPA in Buffalo, NY. Robers was raised between the farmland, prairies, and forests of Minnesota, and the wetlands and forests of Northern Wisconsin. She received her BFA from the University of Minnesota and MFA from SUNY University at Buffalo.
Instagram: @trobers_art

Rachel Robison (they/them) is a transmasculine non-binary artist living in Minneapolis, MN. Their mediums of choice include collage, graphic design, experimental photography, analytical essay, and paper mache. Relying on their penchant for strong opinions, novelty, and mad scientist-type creative scheming (rather than any particularly diligent artistic practice), their projects are sporadic but true. A longtime admirer of zines and zinesters, they recently wrote their first: My Transness Eats Itself Alive. Written end-to-end in roughly a week, it blends personal history and cultural criticism to argue in favor of a trans understanding of Self that is inconsistent, active, and monstrous—all in very good ways.

Leo Rose Rodriguez (they/them) is a nonbinary lesbian writer and artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They received a BFA in theater from Viterbo University and work in the industry as a wardrobe technician. When not working or writing, they enjoy painting, reading queer theory, and listening to punk rock. Their work has been featured in the Indianapolis Review, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, healthline zine, oranges journal, and elsewhere.

Regula Russelle (she/her, Minnesota) is a happy maker of tiny zines and books, often with a philosophical leaning. Her biggest “hit” so far is her free zines on Earth Care Practice with distribution well over 8,000! Currently, she is working on a set of “How to” zines with easy book making instructions. She hopes to publish the set the fall of 2024. Regula enjoys the simple pleasures of reading, going for daily walks, and playing her tenor recorder and three quarter-sized guitar.
Instagram: @regularusselle

Brian Sago (he/him) is a writer, artist and teacher. Originally from St. Louis, he has lived in Minnesota half of his life. He is the author of several small books, including “Butter Princess,” a roleplaying game about stealing the 90-pound butter sculptures from the Minnesota State Fair. He is also an illustrator with work in Trophy Dark, The Wassailing of Claus Manor, and Pick Me. In his art, Brian combines a love of science, math, botany and social studies. The images are often inspired by dreams. He is a champion at remembering dreams and will get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to write them down.
Instagram: @oxsago

Pámela Vigo Sánchez (she/her) is a contemporary equine artist based out of El Paso, Texas. Pámela has a bachelor in art degree from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), and is a member of the Paard Verzameld collective. The artist is also an avid equestrian, using her experience as a horse owner, rider, and enthusiast to influence her work, style, and artistic process.
Instagram: @silverpickstudios

Kerri (Mulcare) Sandve (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from St. Paul, MN working under the imprint Carbon Copy Co. Press. She creates printed matter in the form of artist books, zines, and screen prints, as well as sculptural paper works and collages. Her work resides in multiple collections across the United States, including the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, and the Newberry Library, Chicago, IL. She holds a BFA in Print, Paper, and Book Arts from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and is a teaching artist.
Instagram: @Carbon_Copy_Co

August Schultz (he/they) is a screen printer and oversharer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their print work ruminates on being trans, stubbornness, and sobriety through repetitive, layered processes. When he is not printing he can be found riding his bicycle.
Instagram: @AugustMSchultz

Natia Ser (she/her) is a photography-based artist from Hong Kong whose work explores image-making through print and lens-based media, artist books, and installation. Based in Chicago, her practice draws from her experience as an itinerant to investigate notions of familiarity and estrangement in a foreign country and her home. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was awarded the Presidential Scholarship, Fred Endsley Memorial Fellowship and Graduating Student Leadership Award. She is also a recipient of the Luminarts Visual Arts Fellowship (Finalist), LeiRoy Neiman Fellowship and Award for Excellence in Illinois College Newspapers (1st Place Feature Photo and 2nd Place Photo Essay).
Instagram: @arkaaive

Zephyr Sheedy (she/they) is a queer, Quaker-ish, artist, maker, and bike mechanic who grew up on a hill in Northern Virginia. She has a background in filmmaking but has moved to book arts as a result of looking for more intimate mediums to express herself. Zephyr’s art and creative projects are influenced by family history, longing, and their identity as a queer, butch woman. Their work is often playful and comes from the heart more than any other place. They enjoy making things for and about people they love. They have lived in Minneapolis since 2019 and are settling into being an infrequent, but intentional and thoughtful maker of art things, while working on bikes pretty much full time.
Instagram: @butcherpaperr

Rachel Simmons (she/her, Orlando, FL) is an American artist-educator who specializes in book arts and printmaking, and her diverse studio practice is informed by environmental activism, language and personal narratives. Endlessly curious about the natural world and our relationship with it, Rachel often collaborates with scholars from other academic disciplines and communities to create new work. She has traveled to Antarctica, Iceland, Namibia, the Galapagos Islands and many of the US National Parks to research environmental issues pertaining to these projects.
Instagram: @bearwithjetpack

Kate Simonsen (she/her) is a writer and artist from Richmond, VA. Her writing is either hilarious or troubling (or a bit of both). Her artwork utilizes recent nostalgia, turning vintage pattern books, retro catalogues, other ephemera into brightly colored, slightly surly risograph prints. She finds inspiration in how terrible the world can be and in old cartoons.
Instagram: @4starpower

Olivia Mae Sinclair (she/her, Canada) is a textile-book artist. Her intuitive and trauma-based practice is guided by sloppy craft and imperfection. She is addicted to infatuation and Red Bull. She is a maker of books, love and other grotesque things. She is a graduate of OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design program. She also earned her Bachelor’s degree in Craft and Design at Sheridan College and is Artist in Residence at Harbourfront Centre. Typically, books made from fabric are intended for children and infants. Olivia Mae Sinclair’s books, however, are made for lovers, survivors, artists, her, him, them and herself.
Instagram: @oliviamaesinclair

Erica Spitzer Rasmussen (she/her) is an artist who creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition hand-bound books. She received her BFA and MFA at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis). Her work explores family stories and issues of identity. Rasmussen is a recipient of the 2018 Minnesota Book Artist Award and various grants from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Other professional highlights include a papermaking residency in Vienna, Austria (2010), a solo exhibition in Mexico City, Mexico (2012) and bookbinding residencies in Venice, Italy (2016, 2018, 2022). Her work has been featured in such magazines as FiberArts, Surface Design Journal, American Craft and Hand Papermaking. Rasmussen teaches studio arts at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She is the sole proprietor of Hot Tomato Press.
Instagram: @erica_spitzer_rasmussen

Amber Dawn Stoner (she/her) is a writer and book artist in Minnesota. As a child, she wrote in a tree by the Mississippi River. As an adult, writing in and about nature continues to deepen her connection to people, places, plants and all sorts of critters. Her monthly column, Nature Nearby, appears in the Eden Prairie Local News ( She is at work on her first memoir, titled Go to the River.
Instagram: @amberdstoner

Carolyn Swiszcz (she/her, Minnesota) started publishing a zine, “Zebra Cat Zebra,” in May 2017 as a way to satisfy more narrative ideas that she couldn’t express in her paintings. The name was inspired by hearing her father spell out their last name to people on the phone: “Z as in zebra, C as in cat, Z as in zebra!” She writes about childhood memories, her neighborhood, and other personal observations. She lives in West St. Paul with her husband and daughter.
Instagram: @carolyn_swiszcz

June Thomas (she/her) is a nurse from the Midwest, living in Texas since 2008. After the height of the pandemic passed, she desired to do something “non-clinical” with her hands. She attended various workshops offered at local makers’ spaces, exploring different creative mediums. She was drawn to the meditative motion in bookbinding and in relief printing; she continues to expand her interest in printmaking by learning letterpress and drypoint. Her works are inspired by both the peaceful quietness of home life, and the uneasy quietness of things unsaid in interpersonal relationships. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, with her cat Guillermo.
Instagram: @inkyvoidstudio

Todd Thyberg (he/him) is a letterpress printer and book artist based in Minneapolis, MN. His books are based on exploration through ergodic experiences; that is, requiring effort from the reader to interpret the deeper meaning of the work as well as fear of the other in our society. He works with both fiction and science-based narratives. He is working on a book based on an artist residency in the Arctic Circle and hopes to travel to Antarctica for research on future books. Todd lives in Minneapolis with his lovely wife and paints and sculpts in his spare time.
Instagram: @angelbomb

Delia Touché (she/they) was born in Devils Lake, ND and is part of the Spirit Lake Nation. She is a Sisseton Wahpeton Dakota and Assiniboine artist based in the Midwest. She has exhibited across the United States at venues such as M Contemporary Art (Ferndale, MI), Plains Art Museum (Fargo, ND), The Art Galleries at Austin Community College (Austin, TX), and Cranbrook Art Museum (Bloomfield Hills, MI) among others. Delia has her work in permanent art collections at the University of North Dakota, St. Olaf College’s Special Collections Department, and Walker Art Center. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from Minnesota State University Moorhead and a Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from Cranbrook Academy of Art, where she received the Gilbert Fellowship.

Gretchen Treuting (she/her) started her graphic design career when one still had to “spec” type for the typographer and hope it would fit. When desktop publishing changed her field, she enjoyed the convenience of fine-tuning type herself and creating precise vector illustrations. As design migrated completely to the computer, Gretchen missed the hands-on work from earlier times. Fortunately, she discovered book art and could incorporate her typography and illustrations into the delightful world of hand-made books. She could return to x-acto knives, thread, glue, inks, folding, and the feel of papers and book cloth. Her books have been exhibited in San Francisco, New York City, Denver, and Minneapolis. She lives in Costa Rica and has introduced artist books to local ex-pats through presentations and workshops.
Instagram: @gt23graphics

Melissa Wagner-Lawler (she/her) is an artist and teaching faculty in the Printmaking & Book Arts department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She received her BFA from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design and MFA in Visual Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. For over a decade, Wagner-Lawler’s practice has been dedicated to artist’s books and exploring the intricacies of the format. Her artist’s books use letterpress and other printmaking techniques to investigate elements of tension, the breakdown of information, and the fragility of circumstance. To date, she has produced 15 editioned book works, all of which are housed within collections around the country.
Instagram: @redthreadletter_press

Sophie Wang (or Shuf, she/her) is a researcher, educator, artist, and zine gremlin currently based in the Twin Cities. She makes zines/comics/art that bring a critical power lens to science, technology, epistemology, and forms of knowledge-making, and an experiential lens to her second-generation Chinese-American experience and other parts of her life. Her work covers topics ranging from equity and exclusion in science museums to campaign demands against predictive policing in LA. She is a co-founder of Free Radicals, an activist collective at the intersection of science and social justice. You can find her offline looking at leaves by the water or baking plum crumble.
Instagram: @sophcal

Based in the Twin Cities, MN, Dawn Wing (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist and educator with interests in illustration, book arts, painting, printmaking and collage. She enjoys experimenting with mixed media in visual narratives and comic poetry.
Instagram: @comixdawn

Josh K. Winkler (he/him) works from his home studio (SKS Press) in rural Minnesota. He primarily utilizes printmaking processes. He loves the democratic nature of multiple impressions, the portability of paper, and the rich history of commentary and dissemination in these media. “Personal experience in the landscape, historical research, and the magic and mystery of the natural world drive my creative practice. Half of his recent projects reflect on environmental conflict and destruction. The other half focus on positivity, and the potency of personal connection to the land. These parallel forces of hope and despair are emblematic of the present. Josh feels we must look at Nature as a unifying cultural force.
Instagram: @winkjosh

Christine Wong Yap (she/they) is a visual artist and social practitioner working across community engagement, drawing, printmaking, publishing, and public art, specializing in hyperlocal participatory research projects which amplify grassroots perspectives on belonging, resilience, and mental well being. She has developed projects with the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, For Freedoms, the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley, Times Square Arts, and the Wellcome Trust, among others. Holding a BFA & MFA in printmaking from the California College of the Arts, she lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, after a decade of living in New York City.
Instagram: @christinewongyap

Chantal Zakari (she/her, Massachusetts) is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and a Professor of the Practice at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. In her work, she draws upon contemporary social issues by making connections through personal narratives, history, and popular culture. Her studio practice freely combines research methodologies and artistic strategies borrowed from various disciplines such as photography, documentary, performance, storytelling, installation, graphic design, and social interventions. Her projects often culminate in an artist’s publication. Her work is in the collection of Yale University, The Addison Gallery of American Art, Getty Research Institute Library and many other artist’s book libraries.
Instagram: @show.n.tll

Leda Zawacki (she/her) is a queer cartoonist who has been making comics for over fifteen years. She received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. She currently lives in White River Junction, Vermont where she received her MFA at the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2022. Her publications include Little Gods, a graphic novel published by Tinto Press in 2017; written contributions to the award-nominated Votes for Women anthology in 2020; and the Ignatz-nominated mini comic “The Drain Pipe” in 2021. She is also a two-time MICE Mini Grant winner for “The Swinging Bridge” in 2018, and “The Stain” in 2021.
Instagram: @ledazawacki