Regula Russelle

Regula Russelle (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

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Habits of the Heart (a sustainability zine)
2021, updated from 2016
Ink pen drawings and handwriting; computer printouts
2.75″ x 4.25″ when folded

Download a PDF of Habits of the Heart. Regula also invites you to download her instructions for making an eight-page zine here.

Artwork description:

“Habits of the Heart” is a friendly invitation to claim lifestyle practices that help reduce climate change and embrace habits that will help bring about necessary change. I’ve distributed over 7,000 zines like these in coffee shops, Little Free Libraries, the food co-op, at neighborhood hubs, and public events. You can download them for free at I gratefully acknowledge the help of my scientist partner-in-life, Michael, for content assistance.

Climate / Shift / Response
May 2021

Artwork description:

Climate change is an existential threat that is directly caused by human activity — mine and yours, our family and friends, our neighbors. In the US, individuals control about two-thirds of total energy use. Please reflect on these questions. Remember the threads that connect us all.

Artist statement:

The central themes in my work are the central questions in my life. How do we shape a day, a week, our communal life? How can we participate in the repairing of the world? My work has a strong civic component. Global climate change and questions on its human dimensions are often at the core of the work. I am a founding member of Transition Town — All St. Anthony Park, where I work toward a positive, local response to climate change.

Artist Bio:

I happily create zines, tiny books, book-inspired sculptures and installation – working alone and in teams. My work can be found in public collections, on kitchen bulletin boards, and in the occasional handbag.  I have been recognized with a Minnesota Book Artist Award for my body of work and contributions to the book arts community, and supported by the MN State Arts Board, the Jerome Foundation, and the McKnight Foundation. I feel grateful for it all.





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