Mixed Papers Junk Journal

with Briana Goetzen
Sunday, March 15; 10am-4pm

Are you a lover of paper who wants a fun way to play with your curated collection? Would it be exciting for you to sort through my stash, too? Let’s gather our papers, paints, and book binding thread! Together we will create a unique junk journal with a variety of papers (old book pages, ledger paper, magazine pages, copy paper, scrapbook paper, tipped in playing cards, envelopes, etc.), all stitched and bound by you! The binding technique will be easy enough for you to repeat at home once class is over. Once the book is bound, we will add painting and writing to alter the existing pages. You will go home with a 3-signature, soft cover junk journal that is easy to transport and is ready for you to continue working in!

Certificate: 6 hours, Category D

$108 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $25 supply fee


Mokuhanga (Japanese Woodblock Printing)

with Michael Benedetti
Mondays, March 16-April 6; 6-9pm

This four-week workshop will explore the tools and techniques of traditional Japanese woodblock printing, or Mokuhanga. Participants will generate their own imagery and create either 1-2 single layer or multi-layer prints. Explore the history of Mokuhanga as well as how to create your own prints at home without the use of print shop tools and machinery. Learn traditional Mokuhanga carving and printing etiquette, including how to carve a woodblock, register imagery to print on paper, blending colors, hand printing using barrens and wooden spoons, and how to properly sign and number an edition of prints.

Certificate: 12 hours, Category D

$216 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $40 supply fee


Binding a Historic Model: Nag Hammadi

with Jana Pullman
Sunday, March 22; 10am-5pm
All skill levels welcome 

Create a replica of a simple but beautiful early binding. The Nag Hammadi binding takes its name from the Egyptian city where these ancient books were discovered in 1945. Sealed in buried jars, they date from the 4th and 5th centuries and contain early Gnostic religious texts. Like the originals, these models will be made from leather and papyrus, but with a textblock of 21st century paper. The pages are easily replaceable, making for a book you can use over and over again. Leather covers will be decorated using simple tooling techniques.

Certificate: 7 hours, Category D

$126 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $35 supply fee


Cartonnage: Desk Caddy

with Sue Bjerke
Saturday, March 28; 9am-5pm

Make a handy three-section desktop caddy to keep pens, paper clips, and note paper at your fingertips, as well as making a pedestal caddy for your cell phone. Students will learn the basics of cartonnage design and construction using various boards, as well as the ins and outs of measuring, cutting, and applying decorative papers. Students will also learn simple variations on the basic structure that can develop one simple form into a variety of shapes and sizes. Modern cartonnage grows out of the long standing French tradition of covering small utility containers with various decorative materials and offers a great use for marbled papers. Cartonnage or boxmaking experience helpful but not required.

Certificate: 8 hours, Category B or D

$144 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $40 supply fee


Modern Marbling

with Heather RJ Fletcher
Saturday & Sunday, March 28-29; 10am-5pm
Intro to Marbling and Patterns I required

Take your marbling skills to a new level! In this two-day workshop, learn to make newly-designed, contemporary patterns. Explore how to over marble with intention. Learn to use new combs with different spacing. Inspired by traditional marbling, these patterns bring a familiar but fresh take on a centuries-old art form.

Certificate: 14 hours, Category B or D

$252 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $25 supply fee


Dirty Works: Map Folds: Bigger on the Inside

with Laurie Jedamus
Friday, April 3; 6–8pm
Great for beginners

Do you want a book to contain a page that’s larger than the other pages? Map folds are an ingenious solution! Create two map folds (Turkish and Hungarian), then stitch them into a simple pamphlet book.

Join MCBA for Dirty Works, a series of casual classes, taking place on the first Friday of each month. Activities are designed for the bookishly curious and the creatively apprehensive; no experience needed.

$35 + $5 supply fee


Letterpress II

with CB Sherlock
Saturday-Sunday, April 4 & 5; 9am-5pm

Become proficient on the Vandercook press while creating one collaborative class project and one self-directed project. Acquire technical skills with edition printing, mixing custom ink colors, roller height adjustment, and tympan change. Explore the making of books — sequence and narrative, page layout, image and text interplay, typography, and other considerations that go into producing a small book. Letterpress I or equivalent required.

Certificate: 16 hours, Category B

$288 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $65 supply fee


Cross Structure Binding

with Sue Bjerke
Thursday, April 9; 6-9pm

This versatile soft cover binding offers endless combinations for weaving front & back covers. The quires are sewn to the cover making a sturdy journal that opens flat for ease of use. Covers can be made from a single sheet or from any stock of contrasting color or design to create a unique effect. Elements of design and variation will be discussed as we make a journal approximately 6” x 4” in size. This will be an interesting addition to your binding repertoire and makes a unique gift.

Certificate: 3 hours, Category B

$60 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $12 supply fee


Building a Historic Model: Islamic Frame Binding

with India Johnson
Saturday-Sunday, April 11 & 12; 9am-5pm

Make a model of an Islamicate leather frame binding held in the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library’s collections. This book form showcases an especially beautiful material, such as cloth or marbled paper, by “framing” it with leather strips on all sides. Participants will sew a textblock with an unsupported link stitch and chevron-style headbands, and cover the binding with goat leather and ebru marbled paper.

Certificate: 16 hours, Category B or D

$328 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $45 supply fee

Evening Introduction to Binding

with Anna Haglin
Wednesdays, April 15, 22, 29, May 6; 6-9pm

Learn several binding styles and basic skills, plus important fundamentals of materials, equipment, and techniques. Make an accordion with a pamphlet stitch, a long stitch binding, and a multi-signature case binding. Simple tools and methods will be used and discussed so each student can continue working at home.

Certificate: 12 hours, Category A; fulfills bookbinding requirement

$216 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $40 supply fee

Intermediate Binding: Bradel Binding

with Jana Pullman
Saturday-Sunday, April 18 & 19; 10am-5pm

Invented in the 19th century by French binder Alexis Bradel, this binding was meant to be a temporary binding. Refined by others, it developed into a permanent binding sturdier than a case binding, working well with small or large multi-signature books. In this workshop, you will make a small paper-covered book and a larger book with the signatures rounded and backed, covered with a three-piece cloth case. Introduction to Binding or equivalent experience required

Certificate: 14 hours, Category D

$252 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $40 supply fee

Origami Star Box with Lid

with Kathleen Sheridan
Wednesday, April 22; 6-8pm

Make a beautiful and useful origami box learning some basic origami folds. We’ll make a sample model, then move on to folding with gorgeous papers of your choice. The star box with lid is a unique opportunity for beginning folders to get their feet wet and make a stunning model. Experienced folders will also enjoy folding the box with unique papers.

Certificate: 2 hours, Category D

$40 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $12 supply fee

April Showers = May Flowers

with Ellen Ferrari
Saturday, April 18; 10am-12noon
For families with children ages 2 and up

MCBA’s watery pulp and Lisa Bruce’s Fran’s Flower start our wet and flowery fun. First pull white cotton sheets. Plant gardens with colors and flower petals. AND sow with seeds to grow at home. AND create 2D flower shapes with deckles and fingers. AND build 3D flower shapes after the paper is pressed! Water- safe shoes suggested.

Join us on Saturday mornings for family book arts fun! Each workshop starts off with a story and game to warm up your creativity and then dives into book arts projects. Workshops accommodate a range of developmental levels so that adults and children can work together or side-by-side. Each participant receives supplies to use during the workshop, but may choose to bring one set home if working with a partner. Older children will receive suggestions for extending their learning.

Adult/child pair: $32 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $5 supply fee
Additional participants (adult or child): $16 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $2.50 supply fee

Announcing two-day event celebrating and fostering the collection of book art

November 14, 2018

Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) invites the community to attend New Editions, a two-day event that celebrates and fosters the collection of book art. Over 130 new original works—from chapbooks and zines, to broadsides, artist’s books, and fine press editions—will be available for viewing and purchase. The curated offerings will include something for everyone, from the most seasoned collector to the newest enthusiast, with items at a wide variety of prices.

New Editions begins on Friday, November 30 from 6-9pm with a special preview night. Be the first to explore and purchase a curated collection of bookish works from Minnesota and around the country. At 7pm, learn more about the importance of collecting book art from a panel of artists, featuring Harriet Bart, Regula Russelle, and Gaylord Schanilec, and moderated by Karen Wirth. Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, craft wine and beer, and creative company with other book and art lovers. Tickets are $50 and available for purchase on MCBA’s website or in The Shop at MCBA. Each ticket holder receives a commemorative limited edition broadside printed by Laura Brown during the event.

New Editions continues with a public sale on Saturday, December 1 from 10am-4pm. Attendees will be able to find special gifts for those on their shopping list, or treat themselves to a unique work of art. Saturday’s event is free and open to the public, and seasonal refreshments will be provided.
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