Everyday Magic of Waterlee Higgins (1998)

St. Paul author David Haynes provides a whimsical contemporary urban fairy tale titled The Everyday Magic of Waterlee Higgins for visual interpretation and book arts legerdemain.

The special magic of Mr. Haynes’ tale pervades a collaboration concertina of visual interpretations executed by book artists from across the nation recognized for their skillful and innovative approaches to commingling text and imagery. Each invited participant will provide an editioned page incorporating/illuminating a brief section of text; individual illustrative pages will be inserted in die-cut slots of accordion pages, allowing sequential viewing (or easy removal for framing). Executed under the direction of Mary Jo Pauly, an accompanying chapbook features paper-engineering, underprinted illustrations and design by Michael Lizama is letterpress printed on Mohawk vellum from monotype Kennerly with Dollhouse initials.
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Playing Haydn for the Angel of Death (1997)

For MCBA’s ninth winter publication, Bill Holm has contributed a multi-section poem entitled “Playing Haydn for the Angel of Death,” a lyrical reflection on life suffused with musicality and lessons learned from Franz Josef Haydn.

Mr. Holm’s “Haydn” provides the conceptual basis for a collaborative portfolio of visual interpretations executed by fifteen national book artists recognized for their innovative approaches to commingling idea and image. Each invited participant, in diverse and inimitable graphic style, provides an editioned page featuring one stanza. conveying the text in its entirety, an accompanying chapbook designed by Michael Lizama under the direction of Mary Jo Pauly is letterpress printed on Mohawk vellum from hand-set Centaur and Arrighi types under the supervision of MCBA Printing Artist-in-Residence Paulette Myers-Rich.
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Weisman Art Museum Volunteer Opportunity

Call for volunteers!

Weisman Art Museum (Minneapolis, MN)

Weisman Art Museum Tour Guides, or “Weisguides,” are community volunteers dedicated to teaching and sharing the Weisman’s collection and philosophy to the public. If you have an appreciation of art, great people skills, and a love of teaching, apply now to be a Weisguide!

A required basic training course trains volunteers to conduct inquiry-based, participatory tours of the museum’s permanent collection and special exhibitions. Assignments include readings, oral presentations, and several hours of preparation outside of class. Classes are held on Fridays from 1-3pm, with monthly training sessions following the end of the initial course.

Visit this page to learn more and apply!