Download a Justice for George Print


We are grieving. As we turn our attention to the urgency of justice for George Floyd, we also turn to print. We think about print’s historic role in protest. The ink and paper won’t bring George back, but the message—which so many share, and so many are amplifying right now—is living. And the collective voice of communities standing up for equity, through words and actions, is the only thing that will prevent another needless tragedy.

These originals were designed by Studio Technician Molly Poganski and printed by hand on a Vandercook 3 with vintage wood type at MCBA.


We encourage you to download high-resolution JPGs or PDFs of the Justice for George prints below, print your own copies, and display them in a prominent place.

We also encourage you to consider donating to the following organizations focused on supporting and rebuilding our community:

Black Visions Collective
Midway United Fund
Reclaim the Block
Restore North Minneapolis
Twin Cities Mutual Aid
We Love Lake Street