Class Poster: Power of the Press

$200 for tour, lesson, and 35 prints
or FREE for schools where 75% or more of the students are eligible for free/reduced-price lunch

Learn about the history and power of the printing press as a tool for sharing knowledge, and witness the press printing a message of your choice! 

First, your class can compose or select a short message of up to 6 words (this could be a protest poster, a class quote, etc.). MCBA artists will handset type with your message and print an edition so that each student and teacher will get a copy. Along with your set of posters, your class will also receive a virtual tour of MCBA studios and a video demo of an artist setting type by hand, inking rollers on the Vandercook press, and printing multiples.

This virtual workshop is recommended for grades 3–12. To bring this program to your community, please fill out this form.

Consider Donating

If you would like to help defray the material costs of this program and inspire young people of all backgrounds to see themselves reflected in the book arts, please consider donating here.