Suminagashi Paper Marbling

$200 for tour, lesson, and ink + paper for 35 students

Immerse your class in Suminagashi (“floating ink”) paper marbling!

After picking up ink and papers at MCBA, your class will receive a virtual tour of MCBA studios and a video lesson that includes the history of paper marbling across cultures—from its origins in 12th-century Japan to its development in Turkey to the present day—and a demo of basic patterns. You and your students can follow along and make unique patterns for your monoprints. Once the papers have dried, your students can use them to make cards, books, or other paper crafts.

In addition to the provided materials, you and your students will need to have on hand: lotion (a pea-sized amount per student), paintbrushes, toothpicks/chopsticks, and 9″ x 12” containers to use as vats. Contact with questions about materials for this workshop.

Recommended for grades K-12, although younger students may need adult supervision as this workshop can be messy!

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