Forage Against the Machine

with Anna Haglin
Sundays: September 29 & October 6; 10am-4pm


This workshop is a hybrid urban foraging and herbarium-making workshop in which participants learn both wild food efficacy and a basic bookbinding structure. On the first day, take a field trip to the Central Mississippi Riverfront Regional Park (a four-block walk from MCBA) to identify and ethically harvest at least six wild plants. Then, head back to MCBA’s studios to learn how to press plants and two bindings–a side-stab binding and a screw post album. Learn how to plan and incorporate the inclusion of pressed plants into your new bindings..

Certificate: Category D

$216 + $30 supply fee

Intermediate Movables & Pop-Ups in Artists’ Books

with Olli Johnson
Wednesdays: October 2, 9, 16, 23; 6-9pm
Movables & Pop-Ups in Artists’ Books helpful but not required

Learn advanced techniques to add movement and dimension to your work. Explore paper engineering theory with an emphasis on understanding the “why?” and “how?” behind more complex mechanisms and structures. Participants establish a base of understanding through the use of templates and gain confidence in the concepts through engineering their own unique designs. There will be time and guidance provided to develop an independent project.

Certificate: Category B or C

$216 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $25 supply fee

Quirky Concertinas

with Georgia Greeley
Monday, November 4; 6-9pm

Learn the concertina form by making three different styles of concertina books: a flexogram accordion, hardcover extended accordion, and a braided accordion. Instruction will cover ideas for integrating content into your books, both written and visual, as well as examples of other variations on the concertina structure.

Certificate: Category D

$60 + $25 supply fee

Cartonnage: Square Tray Box

with Sue Bjerke
Saturday, November 9; 9am-5pm

Construct a tall square box with a fitted lid closure and a side-hinge revealing four stacked trays. Learn the essential elements of cartonnage, a French tradition of covering small containers with decorative marbled paper, including basics of design and construction, use of various boards, how to plan coverings, and measuring and cutting components by hand. Discussion will cover how to make size variations on the structure for future projects and all structural components will be hand-cut in the workshop.

Certificate: Category D

$144 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $20 supply fee

Japanese Retchoso Binding

with Sarah Peterson
Monday, November 18; 6-9pm

Learn this unique sewn slit binding used for medieval Japanese manuscripts. This simple, softcover book structure binds loose leaf pages together, making it ideal for binding a collection of sketches or other written and/or visual work. The structure can also be made with new blank pages which is what will be bound in this workshop.

Certificate: Category D

$60 + $15 supply fee

Vade Mecum: The Constant Companion

with Jana Pullman
Saturday, November 30; 10am-5pm

A vade mecum, or take-me-along, is a book meant to be carried by the owner. Originating in the middle ages, it has come to mean any manual or handbook of instruction that provides vital information to the person who carries it. In this workshop, we will each make a vade mecum in the style of a stab-bound girdle book with pages that unfold to show the full page size.This structure works well with images or large amounts of text and has many possibilities for artists working with the book form.

Certificate: Category D

$126 + $20 supply fee

Three-Section Book and Slipcase

with Sue Bjerke
Wednesday, December 4; 6-9pm

Make a three-section softcover book with sturdy text-weight pages and a slipcase to hold it. This is an exposed-spine binding so the sewing creates a decorative addition to the book. The slipcase is a variation of the soft-sided case and is readily adaptable to any size book. Both structures are suited for use as journals or in small letterpress editions and are a fine addition to your bookmaking repertoire.

Certificate: Category D

$60 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $20 supply fee

Intermediate Book Repair

with Jana Pullman
Sat-Sun, December 7 & 8; 10am-3pm
Intro to Binding (or equivalent) required

The cover of a book takes on a lot of wear and tear over time. This workshop will focus on repairs to cloth covers. Work with spine reinforcements, rebacking, and reattaching loose covers. Bring three (non-leather) books in need of repair to the workshop.

Certificate: Category B or C

$180 (10% discount for MCBA members) + $10 supply fee