Marvel Grégoire

“I have been a member of the MCBA Coop since January, 2011, where I enjoy the community of artists, their support and the sharing of ideas. I am a retired teacher. When not working on my own projects, I volunteer as a tour guide at the Walker Art Center and at MCBA. I live with my family in South Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“When I consider the book, I think about process, materials, images and ideas contained in a small package to be shared with and enjoyed by others. Whether concrete or abstract, the entire process is personal and very tangible, putting me in touch with others both past and present, here and no longer. I am the author, the artist, as well as the printer and the binder. I take great pleasure in seeing my books emerge complete from conception. A gift, the book can please in many ways, offer ideas for discussion and possibly bring about change. It keeps us in touch with others and so becomes critical to community and traditions, communication and connections, critical components in our culture today. For me, bookmaking is a delight, one hundred percent.”