Parts of a Whole 4: New Work from MCBA’s Artist Community

Parts of a Whole 4: New Work from MCBA’s Artist Community
August 25 – October 29, 2017

Opening reception Friday, August 25; 6-9pm

MCBA is proud to present Parts of a Whole 4, an exhibition of new work by over 70 members of our artist community — faculty, Artist Co-op members, recent artists-in-residence, fellowship and mentorship recipients, Book Arts Certificate graduates, staff, and board members, among others — curated by the MCBA Artist Co-op. Through artists’ books, broadsides, prints, installation work, and other bookish artistic endeavours, this vibrant and eclectic group of artists demonstrates a breadth of innovative approaches, creative skills, and diversity of styles.

Featured artists

Christopher Alday
Maureen Amundson
Fiona Avocado
Robyn S. Awend
Julie Baugnet
Carter Clapsadle
Jennifer Bilton
Sue Bjerke
Nik Bloomfield
Inge Bruggeman
Helen L. Carlson
Anna Cich
Jessi Donaldson
Sorcha Douglas
Abigail Engle
Camille Erickson
Annie Flynn
Madeline Garcia
Cindy Gipple
Tari “TJ” Goerlitz
Georgia A. Greeley
Marvel Grégoire
Frederic Gustafson
Susan Hensel
Ashtyn Hnatek
Emily Hoisington
Erin Holt
Darius Homayounpour
Monica R. Howell
Larsen Husby
Carol Inderieden
Amanda Kaler
Diane Katsiaficas
Karen Kinoshita
Lin Lacy
Sarah Lee
Mary Leikvold
Susan Lowdermilk
Steven McCarthy and Anna Carlson
Jerry McClelland
Evelyn Miller
Raven Miller
William Andrew Myers
Chaz Nove
Sara R. Parr
Debra Plett and Sue Gordon
Sally Power
Joanna Price
Jana Pullman
Emmett Ramstad
Erica Spitzer Rasmussen
Maggie Royce
Wilber “Chip” Schilling
Jennifer A. Schultz
CB Sherlock
Emily Sortor
Stacy Stanley
Richard Stephens
Amber D. Stoner
Samantha Heather Esguerra Toot
Emily Umentum
LaToya Varpness
Melinda Villerius
Angela Hed Vincent
Meg Walsh
Jill Weese
Jody Williams
Katie Williams
Jason Yoh
Sarita Zaleha