Parts of a Whole: New Work by MCBA’s Artist Community

Parts of a Whole: New Work by MCBA’s Artist Community
February 18 – April 24, 2011

MCBA presents an exhibition of new work by the artists in MCBA’s community — faculty, co-op members, studio monitors, volunteers, past artists-in-residence, fellowship and mentorship recipients, current and former staff and board members, and others — curated by the MCBA Artist Cooperative.

These 37 talented artists demonstrate their innovative approaches, creative skills and diversity of styles in Parts Of A Whole. A variety of artists’ books, broadsides, prints and other bookish artistic endeavors will be on view from this vibrant and eclectic group.


Featured artists include:

Brian Aldrich
Kent Aldrich
Julie Baugnet
Laura Brown
Angie Butler
Jeff Dahlin
Lilla Duignan
Dean Ebben
Monica Edwards Larson
Wendy Fernstrum
Jean Formo
Georgia Greeley and Sue Bjerke
Mary Hark
Emily Hoisington
Cole Hoyer-Winfield
MC Hyland
Jill Jevne
Lin Lacy
Curt Lund
Erin Malkowski
Paulette Myers-Rich
Chandler O’Leary J
ana Pullman
Erica Rasmussen
Jeff Rathermel
Regula Russelle
Dennis Ruud
Cathy Ryan
Chip Schilling
CB Sherlock
Aki Shibata
Jes Lee Shimek
Julie Sirek
Roz Stendahl
Richard Stephens
Abigail Woods Anderson