Plane & Form: Contemporary Handmade Paper

Plane & Form: Contemporary Handmade Paper
December 3, 2005 – February 25, 2006


“Handmade paper offers a multitude of possibilities. It can be molded, cast, applied to frames, stretched, used as paint, printed upon, embossed, collaged, burned, and bound into books. It can easily be incorporated into both two- and three-dimensional works. From its past as simply a substrate for other materials, handmade paper has emerged as a vital contemporary art form in itself.

In curating Plane & Form, I strived to illustrate the many artistic possibilities handmade paper offers. The exhibition includes work from 19 artists from around the country and Canada (listed below). Each demonstrates a unique approach and sensibility. Some take their inspiration from nature and the plants that paper is made from. Others use paper to express political beliefs or question cultural values. Whether using paper as a visual plane or as a dimensional form, the represented artists produce work that is aesthetically beautiful and often provocative.

It is my hope that this exhibition educates, engages, and inspires viewers. Handmade paper is more than simply sheets of beautiful paper. It is a medium ripe with possibilities and filled with contextual nuances.”

-Jeff Rathermel, MCBA Artistic Director and Curator of Plane & Form

Artists participating in Plane & Form:

Grimanesa Amoros
Steve Bauer
Lori Brink
Nancy Cohen
Margaret Lanzetta
Beth Levin
Jacqueline Mallegni
Kim Matthews
Julie McLaughlin
Ellen Mears Kennedy
Jill Powers
John Risseeuw
Drew Shiflett
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Jennifer Spoon
Lynn Sures
Alice Van Leunen
Mona Waterhouse
Beck Whitehead