Kelly Taylor Mitchell
On view June 12 – July 26, 2018
Outlook Gallery

Preface is a sculptural artist book by MCBA’s summer 2018 artist-in-residence Kelly Taylor Mitchell. In it, she explores the possibility of finding joy, humanity, pride, and wisdom in tragedy. Through examining her family and cultural histories, she discovers examples of strength, resilience, and inspiration in times of oppression and dehumanization. The piece conveys an appreciation for the bonds of family, a pride in one’s racial identity, and a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment in overcoming struggle.

Featuring original text by Kelly, Preface was created in 2017 on a soft cotton skrim. It contains a mixture of natural substances like coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and beeswax. The book is in keeping with Kelly’s artistic focus on recontextualizing Black oral histories as interwoven narratives of trauma and joy.

For more information on Kelly and MCBA’s artist-in-residence program, visit this page.