Quantified Aesthetics

Quantified Aesthetics
March 12 – June 18, 2010

Numbers surround us. They mark our days, keep us on course, drive commerce and sustain civilization. The need to order our world is an innate human characteristic. From the mundane to the mystical, “Quantified Aesthetics” — a new exhibition from Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) — examines the art of this practice through artworks featuring numbers, formulas, codes, counting systems and a variety of other mathematical organizational schemes. Artist’s books, prints and mixed media work by 45 artists from eight nations will be presented in this unique exploration, curated by MCBA’s artistic director Jeff Rathermel.

View a sampling of images from this exhibition. Refresh the page for another sampling, or visit MCBA on Flickr to view the full album.

Featured artists include:

Susan Angebranndt
Jamie Ash
Libby Barrett
Mary Bergs
Brian Borchardt
Angie Butler
Mike Clements
Claude Closky
Susan Collard
Jo Cook
Guylaine Couture
Candice Cumming
Kerri Cushman
Cristina de Almeida
Daniela Deeg
Hamish Fulton
Leslie Hancock
Karen Hanmer
Barbara Henry
Sun Young Kang
Marie Kelzer
Christine Kermaire
Cynthia Lollis
Matt Lumby
Julie Shaw Lutts
Kitty Maryatt
Heather Matthew
Barbara Mauriello
Scott McCarney
Jeff Millikan
Jánis R. Nedéla
Amanda Nelsen
Marie Philomena Noorani
Lisa Olson
Robin Price
Annabel Ralphs
Regula Russelle
Chip Schilling
Robbin Ami Silverberg
Michael Snow
Richard Stephens
Elisabeth Tonnard
Janine Wong
Mary Yacoob
ARTROVERT Press (Giuli Larsen, Hanne Matthiesen and Lis Rejnert Jensen)