There Is No Other Way To Speak (2005)

MCBA’s seventeenth Winter Book publication, There Is No Other Way to Speak, is an anthology edited by critically acclaimed author Bill Holm and features twelve Minnesota writers: Adrian Louis, Susan Steger Welsh, Tom Hennen, Wang Ping, Phebe Hanson, Leo Dangel, Philip S. Bryant, Anna Meek, John Rezmerski, Freya Manfred, Thomas R. Smith and Robert Bly.

The 2005 Winter Book is available in Deluxe, Standard and Chapbook Editions produced under the direction of Artistic Director Jeff Rathermel. The Deluxe features tipped-in limited edition prints by Derek Black, Wilber Schilling, Sara Langworthy, Richard Stephens and Kent Aldrich. The Standard features illustrations by Jody Williams. Text in all editions is letterpress printed by Wendy Fernstrum and Robyn Stoller.

An audio version of There Is No Other Way to Speak, produced through a collaboration between MCBA and Essay Audio, documents this wonderful collection of literary legends and new Minnesota voices. The recording is included with the Deluxe Edition and may also be purchased separately.

To place an order, call The Shop at MCBA at 612.215.2520. Winter Book purchases help support the project as well as MCBA’s programs and services for artists.

“In this sample of Minnesota writers we have delicate descriptions of nature, prose poems that almost cross the border to prose tales, satires on the various corruptions of American life, humor, grief, anger. The poets themselves give evidence that Minnesota is no longer the province of second and third generation Scandinavians, though they are here too: Piaute, Pole, Chinese, Black, women, men, old, young, Catholic, Lutheran, free thinker, God’s plenty of variety hooped together only by talent, location, and devotion to their art.” – Bill Holm

Text by Bill Holm
Illustrations by various artists
Designed by Wendy Fernstrum, Regula Russelle, Cori Sherlock and Robin Stoller under the direction of Jeff Rathermel
Hand-made paper by Bridget O’Malley at Cave Paper
Deluxe binding by Regula Russelle and Cori Sherlock
Box Clasp handcrafted by Sue Bjerke