The River: Memory and Metaphor on the Mississippi

The River: Memory and Metaphor on the Mississippi
March 4, 2016 – July 10, 2016

Opening reception: March, 4; 6-9pm

The River not only displays a diversity of techniques, methods and approaches as they pertain to book, paper and print, also demonstrates the variety of ways the Mississippi has influenced and guided artists in their creative practice. The dynamic exhibition that demonstrates the communicative power of narrative in relation to America’s greatest river.

Featured Artists:

Kjellgren Alkire
Katie Baldwin
Kelsey Bosch
Elizabeth Boyne
David Bradway
James Boyd Brent
Jonee Kulman Brigham
Julie Baugnet
Carter Clapsadle
Teresa Cole
Maritza Davila
Sage Dawson
Kirsten Johnson, Toni Easterson
Anne E. Elias
Luke Erickson
Cindy Gipple
Shelley Gipson
Ruthann Godollei
Marvel Gregoire
Karen Hanmer
Marty Harris
Theresa Harsma
Ann Hoekstra
Emily Hoisington
Erin Holt
Stephine Hunder
Larsen Husby
MC Hyland
Carol Inderieden
Heidi Jeub
Louise Kames
Brian Kelly
Leslie Koptcho
Jill Krase
Hannah Lagoon
Lisa Loudon
Rick Love
Joyce Lyon
Amanda Maciuba
Presley Martin
Gillian Mclaughlin
Anna Metcalfe
Justin Henry Miller
Katherine Miller
Raven Miller
Paulette Myers-Rich
Kristin Powers Nowlin
Mark Odegard
Maureen Patrick
Sharron Pollack
Sally Power
Sara White / Alluvium Press
Daniel Rule
Karen Kinoshita
Michael Russelle
Regula Russelle
Cathy Ryan
Mark Ryan
Nick Satinover
Gaylord Schanilec
David Malcolm Scott
Jessica Lee Shimek
Alonso Sierralta
Mona Smith
Sarah Stengle
Richard Stephens
John G. Henry, Mary Swander
Peter and Donna Thomas
Melissa Wagner-Lawler
Monica Larson, Ben Weaver
Matthew Winkler


Please join us for the following events in coordination with The River:

April 16th; 10am-4pm

WaterWays is an open-house event that is open to all ages for free workshops in MCBA’s studios.

Book Arts Roundtable: My Mighty Journey
Tuesday, June 28; 6pm

Wood engraver Gaylord Schanilec and author John Coy discuss their book project My Might Journey.

Roundtable with artist and poet MC Hyland
Friday, July 8; 6pm

MC Hyland is bringing a “poetic research project” on walking, intimacy, friendship, and poetry to the banks of the Mississippi River. Over ten days, she will take daily walks with friends or strangers, then compose a poem for each walking companion. MC’s companions may choose to keep the poems for themselves as a memento of the conversation, or to allow them to be shared either through a live reading or in printed form, as part of a handmade poetry chapbook.