11 down, 25 across: Work by MCBA Interns

11 down, 25 across: Work by MCBA Interns
May 3 – June 2, 2013
Lerner Bindery Gallery

The eleven artists represented in this show were 2012-2013 Minnesota Center for Book Arts interns. They were artists, college students and graduates, and community members who worked in the areas of arts administration, exhibitions, studio, and the shop.

A wide range of styles and content were represented in 25 artworks displayed in the Lerner Bindery Gallery. Each intern’s work point to their varying interests and talents: from space and the cosmos to the hipster subculture. These works exhibit a range of artistic techniques practiced at MCBA, including bookbinding, papermaking, and a number of printmaking methods.

Participating Artists:

Kieran Riley Abbott
Hend Al-Mansour
Heather Bain
Christian Pederson Behrends
Liz Cunningham
Sarah Lee
Amy Lund
Evelyn Miller
Maggie Mora
Megan Russell
Leah Marie Willemin