50 Years / 50 Objects

50 Years / 50 Objects
April 11 – August 10, 2014
Open Book Cowles Literary Commons

Presented in coordination with Fluxjob

50 Years / 50 Objects represents a self-portrait of performer and visual artist Tom Cassidy. In the summer of 2013, MCBA Executive Director Jeff Rathermel asked Cassidy to select a set of objects to represent the past 5 decades of his life. The result is a collection of 50 objects plucked from his vast collection of books, oddities, ephemera and Fluxish whatnots. Items are purposely presented in no particular order with very little context. While each object is intriguing, it is the collection as a whole that is most informative. 50 Years / 50 Objects gives viewers the opportunity to see history (with its tongue in someone else’s cheek) through the eyes of someone dedicated to the elimination of fine art through subversion, axis-shifting, ranting and beer.

This exhibition is presented in conjunction with Fluxjob: Purging the World of Bourgeoisie Sickness Since 1963, on view in MCBA’s main gallery through July 6, 2014. Fluxjob pays tribute to contemporary artists who create interdisciplinary anti-art that is ephemeral, indeterminate and interactive.