Scored and Fluxbox

Scored and Fluxbox
March 14 – July 27, 2014
Open Book Lobby Gallery

Presented in coordination with Fluxjob

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The international network of Fluxus artists, composers and designers were known for blending different artistic media and disciplines and were inspired by serendipity, humor and the integration of art with daily actions. In addition to creating physical work, Fluxus artists embraced performance-based expression. Today, contemporary artists continue to stage concerts and compose event scores involving familiar actions, everyday objects and simple concepts.

Scored features a wide variety of both classic and contemporary Fluxus scores. The events can be performed by anyone at any time in any place. The goal is to highlight and explore the possibilities of significance in what is usually deemed insignificant. Grapefruit, Yoko Ono’s 1964 compilation of event scores, is one of the most popular and best known examples of Fluxus art.


Box assemblages have been a mainstay of Fluxus art for over fifty years. These intimate “museums” are grounded in traditions and methods first established by earlier artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell. Like the scores presented on the adjacent wall, box assemblages are not complete without interaction. They become art only when they are explored and experienced by a viewer. A selection of works from the exhibition Fluxbox are presented in these cases. This collection of boxes, packages, and games was curated by Keith Buchholz and debuted at Chicago’s Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, during Fluxfest 2014. As a group, they demonstrate a variety of Fluxus themes associated with chance encounters, ephemerality, humor and the integration of art with everyday life.

These exhibitions are presented in coordination with Fluxjob: Purging the World of Bourgeoisie Sickness Since 1963.