Screen Printed Cards

with Michelle Lee Lagerroos and Kirsten Olson
Saturday, February 12; 1–4pm CT

Get familiar with MCBA’s screen printing studio and print your own unique, two-color design on a set of cards! In this in-person workshop, learn the basics of screen printing using hand-drawn artwork, cut-paper stencils, and darkroom techniques. Instruction will cover design, screen exposure, ink, and printing on paper. Cards may celebrate holidays (valentines), spring, or anything else you think up! Bring your sketches and ideas to the workshop. Each participant will come away with ten cards approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches in size. Continue reading “Screen Printed Cards”

Drum Leaf Binding

with Karen Hanmer
Thursday, February 17; 6–9pm CT

The drum leaf binding is a perfect structure for printmakers, photographers, or anyone who desires to present visual narratives with no sewing thread to interrupt the flow of imagery. The binding opens flat and can be dressed up or down with a variety of spine treatments, board-covering materials, and edge decoration techniques. It can be constructed quickly, lends itself to edition work, and can be made in a sparsely equipped home studio. 

In this virtual workshop, build skills working with common bookbinding tools, materials, techniques, and principles such as grain direction, folding signatures, tidy application of adhesive, and measuring one component of the book to fit another. This intermediate-level workshop is for those who have binding experience and make books independently, outside of a workshop setting. Continue reading “Drum Leaf Binding”

Non-Linear Artist’s Books

with Yuka Petz
Thursdays: February 17, 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24; 6:30–9pm CT

Explore artist’s books that defy conventional front-to-back reading. In this virtual workshop, make six non-linear artist’s books, including one-sheet books, flexagons, dos-à-dos, French door, flag books, and volvelles. Each week, learn a new book structure and techniques for adding content that work in tandem with the non-traditional book form to create meaning. Examples of artists’ books that use these structures will be discussed. The group will also engage in brief idea generation exercises and friendly critique. Participants will have the option to exchange books with one another to begin or grow a personal collection of artists’ books. Continue reading “Non-Linear Artist’s Books”

Letterpress 3: Two-Color Postcards

with Erin Maurelli
Saturday, February 19; 10am–4pm CT

Letterpress 3: Two-Color Postcards focuses on printing multiple layers and building printers’ confidence using Vandercook presses through practice. Printing more than one layer involves printing the same piece of paper multiple times with unique forms (raised type or image) and ink colors for each layer. Careful registration to make each layer align as designed requires planning and trouble-shooting. In this in-person workshop, learn how to choose colors and mix ink as well as techniques for adjusting color on the press to create unique effects. Participants will also be introduced to MCBA’s larger Vandercooks, the 219 and Uni 3, which have the capacity to print larger forms and can be more comfortable for taller printers. Continue reading “Letterpress 3: Two-Color Postcards”

Wabi-Sabi Mixed-Media Books

with Emma Freeman
Wednesdays: February 23, March 2, 9; 7–8:30pm CT

In this virtual workshop, explore the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of wabi-sabi through mixed-media artmaking techniques that will culminate in the creation of book structures. Use paper and fabric, mark-making, printmaking, collage, dripping wax, and stitching to explore the qualities of wabi-sabi that include: earthiness, simplicity, intimacy, mystery, nuance, texture, impermanence, and disintegration. Through experimental techniques, beauty will reveal itself in unexpected places and offer new ways of creating art. Draw inspiration from images of weathered, Japanese boro textiles, stoneware and earthenware pottery, and nature. Continue reading “Wabi-Sabi Mixed-Media Books”

Sewn Boards Binding

with Karen Hanmer
Thursday, February 24; 6–9pm CT

The sewn boards binding is Gary Frost’s elegant, modern adaptation of an ancient method of board attachment. Stiffened outer signatures sewn along with the text block function as the book’s covers. 

The book opens flat. It can be dressed up or down with a variety of spine treatments, board-covering materials, and edge decoration techniques. It can be constructed quickly, lends itself to edition work, and can be made in a sparsely equipped home studio.  Continue reading “Sewn Boards Binding”

Letterpress 4: Editioning

with Erin Maurelli
Saturday, February 26; 10am–4pm CT

Letterpress 4: Editioning focuses on planning and printing an edition (or a group of identical prints). Printing an edition starts with making design decisions: Choosing ink color, paper, edition size, a typeface, etc. Then, artists need to prepare for printing by cutting paper, preparing images, setting and proofing type, etc. This workshop will offer beginning printers strategies for creating an edition including how to plan a project and how to make an edition of consistent prints. The teaching artist will share an example of an editioned project she created from start to finish. Then, in pairs, plan and print a small book (using an exercise to create content). Continue reading “Letterpress 4: Editioning”

Pulp Painting

with Bridget O’Malley
Saturday, February 26; 10am–5pm CT

Explore simple ways of incorporating imagery into sheets of paper using pigmented pulps in this in-person workshop. Techniques will include stenciling and screen printing with pulp for easily repeatable patterns, and free-form drawing and painting for more expressive and unique results. Past participation in European Papermaking (previously known as Western-Style Papermaking) or other training in European papermaking techniques, including sheet forming, is required. Continue reading “Pulp Painting”