Budgeting 101 for Writers and Artists

with grace (ge) gilbert
Tuesday, January 16; 6–8pm CT

Being a working artist often means relying on variable income, multiple jobs, single large sums of money, or no money for months. In this virtual professional development workshop, writers and artists will learn basic tools for budgeting on a variable income, creating goals, maintaining a sinking fund, and creating a healthy money mindset. Learn about budgeting through instruction and discussion, then set financial intentions and start a working budget. Participants will come away with clear goals, spreadsheet templates, resources for further learning, and inspiration for the budgeting process. Continue reading “Budgeting 101 for Writers and Artists”

Folding All the Accordions

with Mary Leikvold
Tuesdays: January 16, 23, 30; 6:30–9pm CT

Accordion or concertina folds form the basis for many structures in book making. In this virtual workshop, learn how to make an array of accordion-based book structures including the blizzard book, the floating accordion, the pocketed- and the double-pocketed accordion book, the meander (or maze) book, and others. Examples of each structure will be available to examine. Discuss and explore ideas for generating content and for changing up and personalizing the structures. Participants will come away with a collection of intriguing structures and a new set of skills to further explore the art of folding paper and making books. Some experience with folding paper and/or making books is helpful but not required. Continue reading “Folding All the Accordions”

European Papermaking

with Bridget O’Malley
Saturday, January 20; 10am–4pm and Sunday, January 21; 1–4pm CT

Learn the tools, terminology, and procedures of European-style papermaking in this in-person studio workshop. Participants will be guided through fiber preparation, the process of using moulds and deckles to form sheets, and techniques for pressing and drying. Our focus will be on consistent sheet formation and safe, effective beater use, empowering participants with a solid grounding in materials and techniques for future independent papermaking in MCBA’s Papermaking Labs Continue reading “European Papermaking”

Introduction to Hand Bookbinding (Weekend Section)

with Frank Hurley
Saturday, January 20; 10am–4pm CT and Sunday, January 21; 12:30–4pm CT

In this in-person workshop, learn foundational skills in bookbinding while making three book structures: pamphlet binding (single- and double-section), slotted tape binding, and a hardcover, flat-back book with three-piece case. An introduction to basic tools and materials will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make these bindings again in different sizes and with other options for materials. Learn how to find the grain direction in a variety of papers along with how to score and fold paper. Get familiar with book cloth and how to handle common bookbinding adhesives. Learn methods of measuring paper and basic cutting equipment operation. Come away with a strong foundation for growing your confidence in bookbinding and the skills needed to make your own notebooks and journals at MCBA’s Bookbinding Labs. Continue reading “Introduction to Hand Bookbinding (Weekend Section)”

Letterpress 2: Setting Type

with Bethany Rahn
Saturday, January 20; 10am–4pm CT

This in-person letterpress workshop focuses on setting metal type and building familiarity with printing on the Vandercook press. Learn how to navigate MCBA’s type collection, how type is stored and organized, and how to arrange it in a composing stick for setting a text. Training will be provided on line justification, kerning (space between letters and words), and methods for holding type together (or “locking up” a form) for printing. Procedures for maintaining a community type collection and print studio will also be covered, in addition to a review of basic press operation, care, and safety. This workshop is an excellent refresher and opportunity to get reacquainted with MCBA’s presses and print studio. Continue reading “Letterpress 2: Setting Type”

Art Share for MCBA Members

with Anika Schneider
Tuesday, January 23; 6:30–8:30pm CT

Art Share provides MCBA members an opportunity to connect and inspire each other’s creative practice. Join other MCBA members in MCBA’s studios and take turns sharing about your artwork and responding to others’ artwork in a safe and supportive space. An MCBA staff member will facilitate and watch the time for each speaker, but it is up to each artist to direct the conversation during their designated time when they can choose to share or ask questions and receive feedback from the group. Continue reading “Art Share for MCBA Members”

Modified Flag Book with Painted Covers

with Rosemary Rae
Tuesdays: January 23 & 30; 6:30–9pm CT

Create an original book showcasing your painting, collage, and book making techniques. This virtual workshop is perfect for anyone excited to explore a new twist on the flag book. Originally created by Hedi Kyle, the traditional flag book has panels that cross each other when the book opens and closes. In this modified version, all panels sit in alignment. When the book is open, your original, hand-decorated tags are on display.  Continue reading “Modified Flag Book with Painted Covers”

Bradel Binding

with Parry Cadwallader
Saturday, January 27; 10am–4pm CT

The bradel binding is a simple and precise case-binding that provides ample design opportunities for beginners and experts alike. The easily repeatable steps allow for practice with intermediate binding techniques and serve as a great springboard to more advanced styles of binding. For this in-person workshop, participants will come away with a fully bound book quarter-bound (meaning the book is covered in two materials) in cloth and decorative paper.
Continue reading “Bradel Binding”

Letterpress 4: Editioning

with Erin Maurelli
Saturday: January 27; 10am–4pm CT

Letterpress 4: Editioning focuses on planning and printing an edition (or a group of identical prints). Printing an edition starts with making design decisions: choosing ink color, paper, edition size, typefaces, etc. Then, artists need to prepare for printing by cutting paper, preparing images, setting and proofing type, etc. This in-person workshop will offer beginning printers strategies for creating an edition, including how to plan a project and how to make an edition of consistent prints. The teaching artist will share an example of an editioned project she created from start to finish. Then, in pairs, plan and print a small book (using an exercise to create content). Procedures for maintaining a community print studio will be reviewed in addition to basic press operation, care, and safety. This workshop is an excellent refresher and opportunity to get reacquainted with MCBA’s presses and print studio. To register for this workshop, participants must have taken Letterpress 1, 2, and 3. Continue reading “Letterpress 4: Editioning”

Papermaking for Preschoolers: Pulp Masterpieces!

with Ellen Ferrari
Saturday, January 27; 10am–12pm CT

Meet two painters in When Pigasso Met Mootisse by Nina Laden. Learn to make paper with a mould screen, deckle frame, and cotton paper pulp. Then, “paint” pulp masterpieces using eye droppers and paint in a rainbow of colors! Use colorful yarn, flower petals, and paper pieces to create additional artistic effects. 

In this in-person workshop, preschoolers learn how paper is made; work with specialized tools like a vat, cotton pulp, moulds and deckles; and build fine motor skills by forming, decorating, and pressing sheets of paper. They also grow their interest in books and visual arts and feel pride as they engage in artmaking in a book arts studio regularly accessed by working artists. Ellen designed this workshop to meet preschoolers where they are both developmentally and in their interests.

Please wear clothing/shoes fit for wet work (e.g. rain boots, clogs, water resistant shoes).

Continue reading “Papermaking for Preschoolers: Pulp Masterpieces!”

Illuminated Tunnel Book

with Elaine Chu
Wednesday, January 31; 6–8:30pm CT

The tunnel book is a paper book structure based on an accordion fold. A set of paper panels—which can be decorated in infinite ways including collage, cut paper, found images, rubber stamps, and drawings—are layered to create a sense of depth, drama, and perspective. LED lights may be added to increase the sense of depth and drama. Instruction for this virtual workshop will include examples and step-by-step instructions for creating the tunnel book structure. Continue reading “Illuminated Tunnel Book”

Cutting Equipment Orientation: January 9

Tuesday, January 9; 6:30-7:30pm CT

If you aren’t already trained to use our cutting equipment, here is your opportunity! Through hands-on training you will learn the capabilities of each piece of MCBA’s bindery cutting equipment, and how to use them correctly and safely. Completion of this training will allow you to rent this equipment and use it independently. This orientation was previously titled Cutting Equipment Training. Studio Labs are not eligible for Certificate credit.

Continue reading “Cutting Equipment Orientation: January 9”