Screen Print: Monotypes & Stencils

with Michelle Lee Lagerroos and Kirsten Olson
Saturday, July 23; 10am–4pm CT

Explore low-tech screen printing methods without a darkroom in MCBA’s newly revamped screen printing studio! Instruction will cover screen printing basics, navigating inks, hand-cutting stencils, watercolor monotypes, registration, and printing effectively on paper. Repetition improves technique as you print a small edition of your unique, two-layer design! Bring your sketches and ideas to the workshop. Continue reading “Screen Print: Monotypes & Stencils”

Pop-Up Curious? Explore Dimension!

with Shawn Sheehy
Tuesday, July 26; 6–9pm CT

Do you look at pop-up books and wonder how they are engineered? Do you make greeting cards and harbor the desire to make your cards more spectacular? Do you make artist’s books and yearn to introduce dimension and animation? Even if you are simply compelled to read this description, you might be POP-UP CURIOUS. This class—with a focus on dimension—will explore the fundamentals of paper engineering that address pop-ups. You’ll build a series of simple models using the tools, techniques, and materials of the trade. You’ll examine trade pop-up books that show how the structures have been used. When finished, you’ll bind your models into a simple case. This quick beginner class is an entertaining gateway into more advanced study. All are welcome! Continue reading “Pop-Up Curious? Explore Dimension!”

European Papermaking

with Bridget O’Malley
Thursdays: July 28, August 4, 11; 6–9pm CT

Learn the tools, terminology, and procedures of European-style papermaking in this in-person studio workshop. Participants will be guided through fiber preparation, the process of using molds and deckles to form sheets, and techniques for pressing and drying. Our focus will be on consistent sheet formation and safe, effective beater use, thereby giving participants a solid grounding in materials and techniques for future independent papermaking in MCBA’s studios.  Continue reading “European Papermaking”

Letterpress 4: Editioning

with Erin Maurelli
Saturday, July 30; 10am–4pm CT

Letterpress 4: Editioning focuses on planning and printing an edition (or a group of identical prints). Printing an edition starts with making design decisions: choosing ink color, paper, edition size, a typeface, etc. Then, artists need to prepare for printing by cutting paper, preparing images, setting and proofing type, etc. This workshop will offer beginning printers strategies for creating an edition, including how to plan a project and how to make an edition of consistent prints. The teaching artist will share an example of an editioned project she created from start to finish. Then, in pairs, plan and print a small book (using an exercise to create content). Procedures for maintaining a community print studio will be reviewed in addition to basic press operation, care, and safety. This workshop is an excellent refresher and opportunity to get reacquainted with MCBA’s presses and print studio. To register for this workshop, participants must have taken Letterpress 1, 2, and 3. Continue reading “Letterpress 4: Editioning”

Marbling Wall Art

with Sally Power
Saturday, July 30; 10am–4pm CT

Go beyond patterns and explore how to set your marbling off as a figure with a background. These pictures are suitable for framing as wall art and could be used for binding projects as well. This in-person workshop draws on techniques from Turkish marbling (Ebru) but with an American twist. Methods include: how to make the colors more intense, how to draw/paint by managing the paint on the surface, and how to use both a stylus and combs to create patterns. Past participation in Introduction to Marbling or an equivalent workshop is required in order to register for this workshop. Continue reading “Marbling Wall Art”

Mixed-Media Collage 101

with Kerri Sandve
Saturday, July 30; 10am–4pm CT

Experiment with different materials, media, photo-transfer techniques, and exercises to generate unique collaged compositions. Get inspired by an introduction to collage and zine-making, then build community and creativity while making art together. Participants will receive a Collage Club Pack created by the teaching artist that includes all the materials needed to get started. Designed for those experienced with collage and for total newbies, this in-person workshop will help everyone dive right in! Continue reading “Mixed-Media Collage 101”

Mystery Box Artist’s Book

with Yuka Petz
Wednesday, August 3; 6:30–9pm CT

It’s time to break out of your material comfort zone and think with your hands! Participants will be mailed a Mini-But-Mighty Mystery Box of Materials, which must not be opened until the virtual workshop. After a brief discussion of what defines a book and “bookness,” participants will open their boxes and make an artist’s book following three simple rules: Continue reading “Mystery Box Artist’s Book”

Fabric Meditation Books

with Emma Freeman
Wednesdays: August 3, 10; 7–9pm CT

In this virtual workshop, learn how to make soft books out of repurposed fabrics as we slow down and turn inward. Practice stitching and collaging pieces of fabric, fibers, stones, birch bark and other pieces of nature to create abstract, intuitive mixed-media designs on each page. We’ll discuss how materials can hold stories and energies within them that we can tap into and converse with as we play and experiment with them throughout this process. These books can be healing containers for emotions and thoughts that we can return to for our well-being. Continue reading “Fabric Meditation Books”

Screen Printed Zines

with Kerri Sandve
Thursdays: August 4, 11, 18; 6–9pm CT

Explore low-tech screen printing methods in MCBA’s newly revamped screen printing studio! Instruction will cover screen printing basics, material considerations for image-making, navigating inks, hand-cutting stencils, registration, printing effectively on paper, and zine-making basics. Repetition improves technique as you print a small edition of your unique design! Bring your sketches and ideas to the workshop for a simple 8-page zine. Continue reading “Screen Printed Zines”

Jacob’s Ladder

with Erica Spitzer Rasmussen
Tuesday, August 9; 5–7pm CT

Explore the playful book and toy form known as Jacob’s Ladder. First, various examples will be displayed and manipulated. Then, through the use of book board, ribbons, and imagery or text, participants will complete an eight-paneled book that can be displayed in multiple configurations. Instruction will equip participants with skills to create more complicated Jacob’s Ladder books after the workshop. This virtual workshop is designed for those with intermediate binding skills and requires one hour of prep (details in materials list). Continue reading “Jacob’s Ladder”

Box Building Magic

with Erin Maurelli
Tuesdays: August 9, 16, 23; 7–9pm CT

Inspired by the Jacob’s Ladder, the magic box is a double-hinged container made of book board wrapped in paper that opens in two directions, revealing unique compartments on each side. Designed for functionality, the box contains compartments big enough to hold a standard deck of playing cards. The magic box can also serve as a jewelry box or a beautiful container for other small, important items.  Continue reading “Box Building Magic”

Stamp, Sketch, Type: Mark-Making on Fabric

with India Johnson
Wednesday, August 10; 6–8pm CT

Learn foundational techniques in drawing, stamping, and typewriting on fabric that are core to India Johnson’s book and textile art. This virtual workshop will focus on generating freehand marks, patterns, lettering, and line work on muslin and/or linen. These techniques can be used for books and artwork, as well as incorporated into craft projects. Be ready to experiment and play–we’ll make samplers to build a vocabulary of marks. Continue reading “Stamp, Sketch, Type: Mark-Making on Fabric”

Artist’s Books: The Personal as Political

with Maureen Cummins
Thursdays: August 11, 18, 25; 6–8:30pm and Saturday, August 27; 10am–4pm CT

In this foursession workshop, participants will create a unique book or small edition of books —which can be later editioned—based on their own experience, a family story, or a generational story. The emphasis of the class will be on how personal experience connects to larger world events such as war, resettlement, and politics, or social justice issues such as race, class, and gender, etc. Using this project as a centerpoint, participants will be introduced to every aspect of bookmaking: conceptualization, design, typography, creative writing, letterpress printing, and hand binding. They will also receive handouts on resources and supplies, the history of the book, and book terminology. Please come with your ideas and source materials—text, photographs, family memorabilia, etc.—relating to a possible project. Continue reading “Artist’s Books: The Personal as Political”

Teaching Book Arts to Young Children

with Ellen Ferrari
Saturday, August 13; 10am–12pm CT

Book arts can enrich and enliven family time at home with young children. In this in-person workshop, parents, grandparents, and caregivers will explore book arts as a way to help their young children develop early childhood literacy and a lifelong love of books. We will begin with age-appropriate storybooks and activities that get children ready to make books. Next, we will learn to make simple whip stitch and stick bindings, and a wide variety of M-fold books, including variations such as flag and donut books. Experiment with these structures in group work time. Special attention will be paid to using materials and tools that are inexpensive, reusable, and easily found around the home. Everyone will have an opportunity to browse through nontraditional booksmade by commercial presses, artists, and preschoolersfor more ideas. Continue reading “Teaching Book Arts to Young Children”