Front Back & Between

Front Back & Between
January 23 – March 8, 2009


The talented members of MCBA’s artist cooperative demonstrated their innovative approaches, creative skills and diversity of styles in Front Back & Between. A variety of prints, artist’s books, fine press works and other artistic endeavors were on view from this vibrant and eclectic group, in conjunction with these FREE associated programs at MCBA’s studios:

Process Revealed
In an informal discussion, co-op members Georgia A. Greeley, MC Hyland, Richard Stephens and CB Sherlock revealed the methods behind their creative expressions.

The Last Year
Writer John Coy read from The Last Year, a collaboration with printmaker and co-op member Richard Stephens.

Inspiration Behind the Work: White Gloves Optional
Co-op members Lori Brink, Abigail Anderson, Sarah Peters, Robyn Stoller Awend, Georgia A. Greeley and Mary Drabik provided behind-the-scenes looks at their creative processes and described the ideas and observations that inspired their work at this Book Arts Roundtable.